Tuesday, April 29

Mad & Happy

I worked late Monday so Ryan and Ains had a date night. He texted these pictures to me. This first picture was when they arrived at the restaurant-she was mad and Ryan didn't know why.....
Once she got food, she was very happy again! This girl ate almost all of the sweet corn! 

Sunday, April 27

Wedding Bells

Saturday evening Ryan and I went to a wedding and Ains got to have fun with my dad and Vicki!
Erica & Scott had a sweet wedding ceremony and had their reception in this beautiful barn!
Every detail was so perfect! 
It was such a beautiful day!

The beautiful couple ready to cut the cake!
How cute is this-they had a s'mores bar!
Loved this idea!
A fun night!
This cutie had fun too!

Thursday, April 24


I traveled to Texas today for an on-campus interview (Fri)!  I HATE to fly and this was my first solo flight in 14 years! With lots of prayer, some good reading materials and a good diet coke I did it!
Arrival into Dallas! I was so excited to see green! 
I'm hoping Waco has lots of green too!
I had a layover in Dallas and had to get tex mex!
At the Dallas airport they had a special waiting area for USO members! This nice gentleman was playing the banjo outside! I enjoyed listening to him.
Literally a 20 min flight to my new home Waco, TX!
Palm trees in TX!
I was able to tour the child development center we hope Ains will be accepted to...within 2 min of talking with the Director I wanted to hug her. She was talking about how the center uses research to make decisions about curriculum. She was so thoughtful and talked about how she has a heart for inclusion in the classroom.  We hope Ains gets in! 

Neuromuscular Update

Tuesday we met with Ainsley's neuromuscular doctor for the last time before leaving Iowa. Clinical signs look great she is strong and active! 
Her doctor heard back from the Netherlands researcher-he needs more time (1-2 months), said he sees the deletion that extends into the FSHD region, but her case is "complicated". At least we are hearing consistent messages.
Miss Shelley Mockler-her PT was in clinic with Dr Mathews so we got to see her too! She thought Ains was making good progress, still needs good tennis shoes but no more inserts at this time! She has been so encouraging and caring to our Ainsley and our family. Ainsley get SO excited every time she sees Miss Shelley because she knows it is time to play! We will miss her!
A new do for our sweet girl!

Thursday, April 17

Family Practice--thankful!

This morning Ainsley had her final appointment with her family practice doctor. Dan is a nurse at family practice and he is amazing with kids and families.  He told Ainsley today that she was his first baby that he helped to care for at the family practice clinic when she was born in 2010!
Ainsley & Dr. Thoma.  Dr. Thoma is my doctor and Ainsley's doctor.   I cried when we said our final goodbye today because the impact that she has had on our family is immeasurable!  She has been a constant source of encouragement and education over the past 4 years on our journey of parenthood!  We trust her 100% and she has cared for our Ainsley like she was her own.  I feel as though she saved my life.  She was the doctor who ordered my CT scan and discovered the hematoma and blood clots a few weeks after Ainsley was born.  Through both of my re-hospitalizations due to complications she was there and was a constant source of reassurance!  If you live in the Iowa City area we highly, highly recommend Dr. Thoma.  We will miss her immensely!  One of our questions today for her was how do we get a new doctor in Waco, TX on board with all of her medical history--we didn't want to overwhelm a new doctor.  She said, let me write them a letter.  How perfect is that!  Thank you Dr. Thoma!
We all got a good laugh when Dan checked Ainsle's blood pressure today.  She laid down and was so still while he checked her blood pressure.  She's had some practice at this!

Monday, April 14


Ryan's parents came up this weekend to help us pack and paint! So thankful for their help!
It was beautiful Saturday! Warm enough for shorts!
Ainsley drove her car all by herself Saturday!
Saturday night dinner to celebrate Ryan's new job!
Sunday morning at 1:30 am our sweet girl woke up with a 102.9 temp! Yikes! We took her to the doctor-she had a bad ear infection in her left ear. She had trouble falling asleep Sunday night so we did our old stand by-driving until she fell asleep.
Ainsley rested most of Monday and her temp dropped to the 99s which was great! I taught my last class on Monday night so I brought Ains into Ryan's work for a few hours. As we were leaving campus she found her dream car!

Friday, April 11

Thankful-Endo & Audiology

The only moment of regret/fear about our move to Texas has been with setting Ainsley up with new doctors. I started making new appointments in TX for Ains and kept getting road blocks. We are SO thankful we've had such great doctors for Ainsley. Julie has been Ainsley's Endrocronologist nurse practitioner since birth. She is amazing. Anytime we thought Ainsley's throyid numbers were off we'd email her and she would order a blood test the same day. In Ainsley's first year we saw her every 3 months and now just twice a year. Ainsley's throyid numbers were off this past week-she was over medicated. Julie adjusted her daily dose and we go back in early May to check her levels. We are so thankful to know her!
Dr. Shea Becker has been an absolute blessing to our family. She's been with is every step of the way too. From all of Ainsley's sedated hearing tests to the scare with a profound loss when she was about 2 Shea has taught us about hearing loss and how to support our sweet girl. She helped connect us to a new ENT doctor in Dallas that we will see in late May and advocated for Ainsley to get a grant for a left hearing aid since we exhausted our insurance options with all of her hearing aid needs. At this appointment on April 4th we picked up Ainsley's new aid. We are thankful for Shea's steady guidance and positivity throughout the ups and downs over the past three years! 
Here's to hoping we make new connections with Ainsley's doctors in TX!  Ainsley is telling Ryan a knock knock joke here!
Happy Girl!

Neighborhood Fun!

Chelsey & Ainsley made several trips down the side walk last night! The preferred the "fast"setting! Lots of giggles from Ains when Chelsey drove fast!

Sunday, April 6

Let the packing begin

We are going to tackle this move to TX in small phases. Friday night we packed 8 boxes-it's a start!
We had an open house Sat & Sun! Ryan and Ains were getting the house ready with me!
Sunday during the open house and nap time Ains hung out at my office for a bit while I worked and then we had some fun on campus!

Ains loves the Old Capitol she was super excited we got to go inside!
Future senator (or President)...I want her to keep her options open!

We got home from the open house and I put Ains down for her nap and our realtor called...a couple wanted to see our house again...so Ains napped in the car today! It was totally worth it because we accepted their offer at 9 pm tonight! House sold!