Tuesday, July 18

Big girl!

Ainsley got her ears pierced Sunday!!

She was SO brave!

Monday, July 17

Jumping Fun

Ainsley wanted to jump after church Sunday and I needed some soap at Bath and Body Works so off to the mall we went!

Ainsley talked with this kind guy for a while. He has hearing aids too, so they shared stories!

We also had a special lunch after church! 

Ainsley ate her spaghetti one noodle at a time....

But she ate well so we celebrated with some ice cream!

A quick picture after church!

Ainsley has been saving her change to help dig a well in Haiti!

Here is a sample of the well-the kids were aiming for $700 to dig one well next spring. They met that goal and are aiming to collect $1000. Ainsley has enjoyed collecting money and she's learned that not everyone has easy access to clean water. They have two more weeks to collect money. It will be fun to see where they end up on their fundraising!

Thursday, July 13

Fun on campus!

Ainsley got fitted for new ear buds this week and her hearing aids re-programmed! She got to hang out on campus for a bit and go to lunch with us!

Fun swinging!

Ains made a root beer float!

Ainsley made a crown and cape today at school!

She also made a fake diamond ring and asked me to kiss her ring?!?  She is a hoot!

We are at Chuy's earlier this week and Ains had her picture displayed-she was thrilled!

After dinner dancing!

Tuesday, July 11


Ains had a PT eval today!

I really liked her new PT-she pointed out areas to work on but strengths as well!

We'll start going one time a week for 12 weeks.

We are doing to meet with an orthopedic consultant too to talk about supports for A's feet/lower legs.

I was so proud of A-she was very brave to try new challenges!

A healthy smoothie before going back to summer camp!

Monday, July 10

TX fun with Grammie and Papa

We've had a great visit with L and L this week!

We have had a whirlwind month already! 

We put an offer on a home in town and put our home on the market! We had open houses the last two weekends!

Friday Ains did a lot of blood work so we got her a toy after!

We went out for a fun dinner!

We are so thankful Ainsley had a great time in IL making memories with her grandparents...

And we are so greatful she's home!!