Tuesday, August 30

Super quick..

A super quick up-date for the grandparents :)! Ainsley had her helmet appointment this morning and they estimated she would need to wear it for one more month!!! Maybe we'll be all done with the helmet by her first birthday!

Here a few new pictures. Ainsley is cutting teeth and hates medicine, so we alternated grape tylenol with ice cream/cake--everything in moderation, right? We had to give her a bubble bath after this!
This is a picture of a picture, so its a little fuzzy. The daycare did a pudding painting activity with the kids last week and they took this picture of Ainsley. I think she looks like my dad here--look at that red hair!!

Sunday, August 28

Our girl...

Our girl has been having a fun weekend--she got some new shoes! I wanted cute ones, and Ryan wanted practical--we settled on these, she loves them!
We took two BIG walks on Saturday!
We helped welcome for children's church today--Ainsley was a good helper, but got a little slap happy during the second church service and tried on her dad's glasses!
We made quick trip to Wal-Mart this afternoon and it was so nice we drove with the windows down on the way home--little miss LOVED feeling the wind! She couldn't stop laughing! She was laughing so hard, she spit up her lunch and that made her laugh even more. Never a dull moment with this girl!

Tuesday, August 23

All set!

This morning we took our little miss back to the hearing aid clinic to pick up her new, pink hearing aid!
It was a perfect fit with the helmet cut out!

She didn't have any feedback with the helmet which we were worried about! Hopefully she kept it in at daycare today--I'm off to pick her up, so fingers crossed!

Monday, August 22

August photos

Here are some of my recent I-phone photos:

Ainsley's hairdo today! She was so fascinated by my hot rollers this morning, so I put one in her hair. She had a little bit of an 80s hairdo on the way to school before the helmet went on!
I love her in black & white!

First-year student kick-off at Kinnick stadium!! All 4500 of them!!

Ainsley with Grandpa & Grandma Cohenour and her bear, Gracie!

Arriving to school--she is getting 3 upper teeth, so her fingers are always in her mouth these days!

Sunday, August 21

Lots of love

Our little miss is getting lots of love these days--her Grandma & Grandpa are in town to love on her while Ryan and I have been at work this weekend. They have been so impressed to see her new teeth and how much she is pulling up on everything these days! Hard to believe we are just 1 1/2 months away from her 1st birthday!

Friday, August 19


Ryan and I have been working late this week--so our little miss gets some campus time every evening :). This is from last night!
She loved walking on campus!

The posts below are from our Red Lobster dinner last night--we didn't leave campus until late and we were both SO hungry, so we went out for dinner! I hit the wrong button and it posted before I could type captions below! Ainsley had so much fun we got her home and she went right to sleep!

Thursday, August 18

Wednesday, August 17


Things have been a little busy around the Cohenour house--last night we were on our way home from work and Ryan got called back to trouble shoot a problem--so Ainsley and I got to stop by the halls--she loved seeing all of the students!

Saturday, August 13

New, red wagon!

We went to a rummage sale yesterday and found a great deal--a new, red wagon for Ainsley!
She was so proud riding around the neighborhood in her new wagon!

Last week we took Ainsley to get another trim--she didn't know what to think of all of the mirrors!
Ainsley is very focused here.
While we were waiting to get Ainsley's hair cut a nice lady offered to take a family picture for us. She tried and tried to get A to smile, but our little miss was SO tired.
Ainsley is not a fan of shoes--we are trying to have her wear them every now and then. Aren't these silver shoes cute?!
Ainsley all dressed up for church last week! All smiles!

Friday, August 12

Family Dinner

Last night we went to dinner to this new restaurant we've recently tried and really liked--Okaboji Grill! They have great appetizers!
Celery was included on our appetizer sampler and it was a hit with Ainsley! She is cutting more teeth so it was nice and cold for her gums!

Wednesday, August 10

Apple Orchard

At this time last year I had BIG plans for the fall season. My plan was to have Ainsley on October 1st and then take her to all of the fall events—the apple orchard, pumpkin patch, dress her up for Halloween. Nothing went according to plan—A & I spent Halloween in the hospital and by the time we both were “healthy” again it was winter. SO, this fall I am going to soak up every piece of the season because it is my favorite and I want to experience it with Ainsley.

Today Ryan and I took off work a little early and took Ainsley to the apple orchard. Last year when I when I was so sick all I could think of was taking Ainsley to the orchard…it may sound odd, but I just wanted to push her in the stroller and enjoy the country with her. Today we did just that and my heart is happy!
Ryan made an instant friend! As soon as he stepped out of the truck this dog "Dunkin" brought Ryan a stick and wanted him to play fetch. Ryan did this 10 times before the dog got tired--Ainsley loved to watch the dog.
We went to Wilson's Apple Orchard--they have around 100 different types of apple trees. The orchard was planted in the 1980s--I love the big weeping willow in the middle of the orchard!
Ready for our adventure!
"The Lord your God is with you, he is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing."-Zeph 3:17.
Ainsley loved holding the apples and licking them--oh my!

The path was bumpy, so we ended up carrying Ainsley most of the time--she loved it because she could touch the trees!
"God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble." -Psalms 46:1

"But I trust in your unfailing love; my heart rejoices in your salvation. I will sing to the Lord, for he has been good to me." -Psalms 12: 5-6

Ainsley had a great time on her first trip to the apple orchard--I'm sure we will go back several times this season. Ryan said we had to go on the weekend when the tractor is running--because we walked over an hour in the hills at the orchard today :)!

Tuesday, August 9

10 months!

Our little miss is 10 months today! She loves mirrors!
And is always on the go--it was hard to get a non-moving picture today!