Thursday, June 26

Mommy & Ainsley date night

Today Ains had a speech eval-after the eval we planned our fun date night since Ryan was helping with Baylor line camp this evening!
I let Ains pick our dinner and she wanted rolls/butter so we headed to TX Road House!
As I was taking Ainsley's picture and she stopped and said a quick prayer-so sweet!  That big sprite to Ainsley's left spilled ALL over about 2 minutes after this picture! Never a dull moment!
Next stop the museum! Ains picked out this treat from the gift store and we sat outside for a bit since it was such a nice night!
Back to the apartment for movie night! Toy Story 3 and popcorn!
Late tonight I bought this gem for our new dining room! A local antique store puts refinished items on Facebook every Thursday night and you call in if you want it! I am so glad I got this one for our new house!! And it was $325 cheaper than the other hutch I bought earlier this month!! I returned that one this weekend when I realized it was too expensive! Yea for bargains!

Tuesday, June 24

Temple, TX

Monday Ains and I traveled to Temple, TX  for her thyroid doctor. It is a 45 minute drive from our house so we took the DVD player and lots of snacks for Ainsley!
Temple has a great new children's hospital! 
Ains was playing the drums on the exam table :)!

A break for a smoothie!
Ains did SO good at her appointment so she got to pick out something from the gift shop! She picked this backpack/doll house combo!
Ains also picked out her first pair of cute summer shoes! I tried to encourage her to get cute yet comfy shoes, but she wanted these!
Fast forward one hour and the cute shoes were hurting her toes :(. I found this out when we took this picture when she wouldn't smile. She was mad at them.
We were running late to school today so I told Ains her new dress would make her run fast! Half way to the car she said it WAS making her fast!
I love this age!!

Sunday, June 22

Bounce Fun!

Sunday after church we took A to an indoor bounce park! She was a little timid at first so I went with her...
And this picture says it all! Hope you get a good laugh out of this, because Ryan and I did! I love the joy on Ainsley's face and me-complete terror! Oh my-look at the height of the slide!! I am happy to report I got more comfortable as the day went on and I went down the big slide with Ainsley 3 times!
Ainsley loved this place!

Ryan was a trooper too! He helped A with this steep slide!

There were LOTS of tears when we left! She was crying saying she wanted it to be her birthday so she could have her party at the bounce house! I'm sure we will visit this place many times before October!

Saturday, June 21

Favorite Things-June!

I love hearing about my friends/family favorite things so I can try them too! I thought I'd do a summer edition! First up chevron! I just love these colors and pattern-these are the colors for Ainsley's new play room! Can't wait to get that all set up for her in July!
Speaking of setting up our house I love white farm house furniture! This is the dining room table for our new house it seats 8 so plenty of room for company!
And the buffet to match! Can't wait for this to be delivered and to decorate this for fall! finally unpack my grandma's china!
A few fave beauty supplies-mascara with a 2 step process! Primer really makes a difference!
Love this new nail color for summer-Allure from Revlon!
One of my new top faves!! Fitbit Flex!! I've been wearing this for a week and what a difference it has made! It tracks your fitness steps, miles and sleep patterns. It has made me so aware and motivated to move!
A great new snack! All natural ingredients!
One of Ainsley's faves sticker faces-only $4 for a booklet at Walmart! I did the face on the left and Ains the one on the right :)!
My final fave Ainsley's weekly art projects from Sunday school!

Friday, June 20

Weekend Kickoff!

Earlier this week we went to the museum-Ains loves this place!

We were pretending it was her birthday!
Love this picture!

Tonight we went to a local park!

Ryan and I were both commenting how nice the weather was-it felt cooler...we checked our IPhones and it was 92!!! We are getting used to this heat-oh my!
Ains having fun with the "cooler" weather!

Time for ice cream!
The sky was beautiful tonight!