Tuesday, June 24

Temple, TX

Monday Ains and I traveled to Temple, TX  for her thyroid doctor. It is a 45 minute drive from our house so we took the DVD player and lots of snacks for Ainsley!
Temple has a great new children's hospital! 
Ains was playing the drums on the exam table :)!

A break for a smoothie!
Ains did SO good at her appointment so she got to pick out something from the gift shop! She picked this backpack/doll house combo!
Ains also picked out her first pair of cute summer shoes! I tried to encourage her to get cute yet comfy shoes, but she wanted these!
Fast forward one hour and the cute shoes were hurting her toes :(. I found this out when we took this picture when she wouldn't smile. She was mad at them.
We were running late to school today so I told Ains her new dress would make her run fast! Half way to the car she said it WAS making her fast!
I love this age!!

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