Saturday, January 14

Ups and Downs

Last Friday our heater went out late at night and it was super cold in TX so we stayed at a hotel just to be safe! Ains LOvED it!
We thankfully got a good nights sleep!
The hotel had TX waffles!
We got home Saturday morning and a repair man came and installed a new motor and our heater was back up and running!
Ains had school on Thursday and Friday when I was asking her how school was she mentioned she couldn't hear her teacher as well...I panicked! I realized we took off her hearing aid receivers over break and after a LOT of searching we couldn't find them! We've been working with the school district to get them replaced...we had some sticker shock with the replacement cost, but they are exact what Ains needs!
Working on homework for school-make a tall tower out of blocks!
My little chef!
Tuesday I took A to the doctor because we've noticed she's lost weight. They verified that as well-it is slight but something we are going to follow up with her ends doctor about. She then had a dentist apt! Never a dull moment around here :)!
A BIG down this week-on Wednesday I was hit by a SUV that blew through a stop sign. I think our jeep is totaled and I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with whiplash. What a headache this has all been! Thankful I wasn't hurt more, but this just piled on an already rough week!
An up of this week-Ryan and I celebrated 16 years of marriage! I cancelled our babysitter after the accident, but then was feeling a bit better Friday so we decided to go out for dinner and then chat at a coffee shop.
This dessert was amazing!
We were so young when we got married!
 Here's to many more years of fun and a better week!

Happy 2017!

Ainsley stayed in IL to ring in the New Year!
She had fun with my dad and Vicki!
Larry and Linda brought Ains back to TX! She had fun traveling with them! 
They found a fun playground for her on one of their stops along the way!
Before Ains went back to school we got her fitted with her new ear buds! 
Ains loves dancing and singing even in the doctor 's waiting area!
Ainsley told this audiology intern that he was handsome-she's a charmer!
All ready to go back to school!
Cotton candy to celebrate on the way home!