Monday, February 27

Sleeping beauty!

This weekend, little miss had her first sampling of biscuits and gravy--it was a big hit!

Ainsley had fun playing this weekend!
I love her cheeks!
Ainsley also had her first whole peeled apple.  
It was a granny smith--so it was a little tart, she loved it!
Little miss was wide awake from 3:30-5:30 am Monday morning!
We had an early morning doctors apt, so we had to leave the house around 7 am!
Ainsley finally fell asleep at 5:30 am in our bed, right when we were getting up for the day!
Ryan and I were VERY sleepy today!  Little miss did not want to get up when we finally woke her up at 6:45 am.

Hello little miss!  Crazy bed head!
We dropped Ryan off at work and Ainsley and I headed to the Hearing Aid Clinic.  As you can see, little miss was still sleepy.
No thanks mom, don't want my picture taken!
Ainsley got fitted for a new hearing aid ear bud this morning.  They put a foam like substance in her ear and it sets up for about 5-10 minutes--then they send it to Colorado and they make the ear bud.  Thankfully her audiologist put a video on for Ainsley while the ear bud was setting up!

We are crossing our fingers for a good night of sleep! 

Saturday, February 25

Off to the salon!

Early this morning we headed to the salon for a trim! 
Post trim...looking stylish and cute as a button! 
I think she knows it :)!

Friday, February 24

A good report!

We had Ainsley's regular check-up on Thursday!  She did GREAT!
We have the most amazing doctor--she always takes the time to answer all of our questions and she is a great teacher.  
She said to keep working on the walking and she watched Ainsley "walk" with us and she said that it was all attitude of why Ainsley wasn't walking yet.  We'll keep practicing!
Ainsley got three shots and did great--she is one strong little girl!

Tuesday, February 21

A normal day

I took some pictures of our day...Ainsley likes to join me in the bathroom while I get ready in the morning.  She plays and I do my makeup and hair...quick!
This morning on the way to work we stopped and picked up a breakfast pizza since it was Fat Tuesday! 
Little miss on the way to school today!

We went out tonight for a family dinner!

Ainsley was ready for her bow to come out! 

Ouch, beauty is painful!

All better, back to crazy hair!

Good night!

Monday, February 20


Last Thursday night we met another family from church for dinner at the Pizza Ranch!  It was great to catch up with them and Ainsley ate her first fried chicken!  Oh my! 
Before dinner, I dressed Ainsley up in her St. Patricks day outfit so I could get some pictures...but she was having none of that!  She was ready for pizza and chicken!

It didn't take her long to figure it out!
We were so happy that Ryan's parents came up to visit this weekend.  I was not good about taking pictures this weekend--so here is a picture of Grammie and Grandpa Cohenour at Christmas.  Ainsley LOVES Larry's hats--she is always trying to wear them!  Larry & Linda watched Ainsley Saturday night so we could go out to dinner with two other couples--we were SO thankful that she was having fun and we were able to have fun with friends too!  Thanks for coming to visit Grammie & Grandpa Cohenour and for the new kitchen you brought for Ainsley!  I'll take some pictures of her "cooking" and post those later this week!

Saturday, February 18


We told Ainsley that we were taking her to see some puppies and she got excited! 
She wasn't one bit interested in puppies or the one cat the store you know what she did love?

The birds!  She couldn't get enough of them and would have jumped right in there with them if we would have let her!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 15


Little miss getting ready for school today!

Ainsley got lots of goodies from her school friends!
Ainsley took goldfish to her school friends!
Happy Birthday to my dad!  His birthday was on Valentine's Day!  Ainsley loves to talk to Papa Bob on FaceTime!
Ainsley also loves her Monday night date night with her daddy.  I teach Monday nights, so Ainsley and Ryan go to dinner together and have some daddy/daughter time!  This week they went out for tacos!
We are getting ready for the next holiday!  
I got a new basket for Ainsley's books--she loves us to read to her,  so I got this cute pink basket for her board books.   
I made a new wreath for St. Patricks day!
I also organized Ainsley's reading nook--time to read!