Friday, June 25

Friday Night Fun

Tonight Ryan and I went to dinner at Texas Road House to celebrate his raise at work and then we were off to the mall to pick out a crib and stroller! We've been looking forever and haven't yet found one we liked.

We went to Target and had no luck--but we did meet a sweet woman who works at the university and is due a week before us! She was registering too, so we tried to help share tips on what we had learned--for instance, mattresses need to have over 180 coils according to the SIDS rating--who knew!

After much debate--we selected this crib and dresser-changing table combo we found at Baby's R Us last weekend. I'm just glad we've finally made a decision and we are going to order it tomorrow! Ryan's parents (Linda & Larry) got this for us! Thanks Larry & Linda!

A special delivery from my sister arrived in the mail today--our bedding set! We just love it--thanks Angie for thinking of us!

My dad bought us this handmade rocker this week from an Amish furniture store--he sent these pictures in the mail. We can't wait to use it--thanks dad!

I love to buy things on sale--here are a few goodies I found for our daughter over the past few weeks....

A great deal on this dress she can wear during the holidays!

Cute pants and a matching bow.

A Columbia fleece she can wear this winter in the Iowa cold!

Ryan has been looking for a new bike for weeks now and finally picked one out tonight--we had a nice sales man who helped him get fitted for the bike! Ryan plays basketball over lunch 3 days a week and can now bike over to the rec center instead of driving which is a great gas savings and good exercise.

I put out some 4th of July decorations!

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, June 20


This weekend we traveled to IL for Ryan's brother's wedding! We were able to see my dad and Vicki on Thursday for a little shopping and dinner to celebrate father's day! And then, the wedding preparations began!

Tim and Jenny had such a beautiful wedding--here are some pictures of the rehearsal!

The happy couple!

They were married in Peoria, IL in this beautiful church!

Ryan and Mike (who we went to EIU with)--they were laughing a lot during the rehearsal!

The ceremony was beautiful--Ryan was the best man!

Ryan and Linda after the lighting of the parent's candles.

Jenny and Tim lighting the unity candle--they are such a cute couple!

Hugs for mom!

Me and Ryan at the wedding (I was the guest book attendant!)

The expanding Cohenour family--welcome Jenny!

Grandma Dorris, Uncle Mark and Cousins Jim & Jake

Larry & Linda--great picture! They celebrate 40 years of marriage next year!

Tim and his parents!

My groom of 10 years this January!

We are so glad we were able to celebrate their special day with them--now they are off to Mexico today for their honeymoon!

Sunday, June 13

Settling In

We've finally arrived at 6 months (24 weeks)--our baby girl is growing and thankfully healthy! We are still deciding on a name, and we are looking forward to putting her nursery together next month before the school year ramps up in August!

Week 24!

For our new little Hawkeye--this will be perfect for football season this fall!

We started to hang up a few of her clothes--they look so tiny!

The baby's room--lots to do in here! I did get two baskets of books picked out for her--Ryan's mom saved lots of baby books for us from her teaching days (thanks Linda)! We have so many books--I'm going to rotate them regularly!

Ryan and I found this wall cling for the nursery--it is a beautiful tree! We think it will help to make the white walls a bit more homey!

We are finally all settled in our new apartment! After a weeks of packing, it only took us a week to get settled!

Kitchen--I love all of the cabinet space!

Our home office--notice Ryan setting up all of the wires!

Living room!

My craft nook--dad, notice my Wyoming calendar proudly displayed!


One of my favorite rooms--the laundry room, I love that I can fold laundry in here before putting it all away.

Our bedroom--I need to put up some pictures in here!

Our front entry way with a lot of books!