Sunday, April 29

Home again, home again!

Little miss was sad to leave her PaPa Bob & Vicki today.  She had a great time playing with them the past few days.   She even taught them some sign language!  

We were happy we got to see the Cohenours on this trip too!  We met at Famous Daves for lunch.  Ainsley was so excited to see them--her Grammie, Grandpa, Aunt Jenny & Uncle Tim ( I took a picture of them and there was a glare :(, I should always take two)!

I kid you not, miss A feel asleep within a block of leaving the restaurant!  She slept most of the way home!
We did wake her up when we got back into Iowa and stopped for a drink.  She was excited to stretch her legs!
And check out the shiny tires!

We waited in the car for a bit before getting back on the road due to heavy rain.  Ainsley didn't mind, she was able to work on her driving skills!
Ainsley enjoyed our family and friend filled visit to Illinois!

Saturday, April 28

A walk down memory lane...

We traveled back to my hometown for a baby shower for my childhood best friend Becky and her sister Katie!  It was fun to catch up with old friends and see my hometown!  Here are some pictures for my sister and dad--our old house!  Spence Street!
Our old house--no more fence, but lots of cars!

The beautiful new mammas!  Katie on the left and is due a week before her sister, Becky, on the left!  Their mom, Nancy, is going to be busy flying for the births this fall!!
Opening the gifts! 
Katie recently had a sonogram and gave the gender to a local florist who put balloons in this box so they could reveal the gender to the entire party--what a great idea!
Before the big reveal another surprise...a proposal!!!  There was not a dry eye in the house!!  Congrats!!!

On to the reveal...its a GIRL!!!
I was SO excited that I got to see my best friend Misty and her three adorable kids!!  Misty is such a great mamma!!  She was keeping an eye on three little ones while catching up with me.  She does it so effortlessly!!  We are going to try to coordinate future trips to see our family in IL so we can see each other more than once every couple of years :)!
Me, Becky, Misty and Kiyla!  These two women were such a huge part of my childhood!  It was so fun to catch up with them!!!

Friday, April 27

Day two on the farm

Day two on the farm, Ryan helped my dad plant some trees.  Little miss wanted to be right by her daddy and papa.  She kept looking out the window wanting to be right beside them!
Lunch break--Monical's Pizza, a local favorite and a favorite with Ainsley!
After lunch, we visited the chicks!

Life on the farm...windy, look at my crazy hair!
Vicki made a great blackberry cobbler and Ainsley loved it!!  Here she is a little calm and full of sugar!
And here Ainsley is asking for "more, more, more"!  Our baby girl likes to eat!

Fun on the Farm

We are traveling to IL to see family!  Ainsley did great in the car--the new movies on the iPad where a BIG hit!
Ainsley enjoyed a wagon ride with PaPa.

And having fun in the back of PaPa Bob's truck!
Ryan enjoying some birthday goodies! 
Ainsley enjoyed some new Elmo toys--thanks Vicki and Dad!

Thursday, April 26

Happy Birthday Ryan!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful hubby!!  He is a young 34 years old today!  Ryan is such a great dad!  He is always looking out for our Ainsley.  He ordered Ainsley Cars recently--she loves it!
Today we ate at the Machiene Shed--they give each child a tractor to play with during dinner--Ainsley loved it!

Happy Birthday Ryan!

Tuesday, April 24

Tuesday fun

Twice a month Ry and I go over to Ainsley's school to meet with her Deaf & Hard of Hearing teacher.  She always comes during recess, so Ainsley has the whole classroom to herself!  She was taking full advantage of playing by herself before her teacher arrived.  She is always on the move these days--so the pictures are a little blurry.
Ainsley's teacher, Danie, always has the classroom decorated so cute with the kids art projects!

I got to Ainsley's school a few minutes early, so I got to see her interacting with her classmates.  She was calling a few of them by name--it was so cute to hear her say, "Bobby and Mei, Mei" to two of her classmates.  
I also noticed that everyone wanted to touch Elmo on Ainsley's shirt today.  Her poor belly got poked quite a few times when I was there, but she didn't mind, she just said "elmo" right back to them!

Ainsley had chips, salsa and queso for the first time tonight and she LOVED it!  She is a Cohenour isn't she?

Monday, April 23

Lost and...lost

We've been having fun with little miss!  She is a ball of energy these days!  Her report card today said, "Ainsley has been super chatty!  She said 'yummy' today at lunch and we are practicing 'Hawkeye' for the video she is going to be in".  Ains was asked to be the featured baby in the summer orientation at Iowa.  We had to get a new, big yellow bow for the video :)!  She films the video in early May.  
We took Ainsley to a new frozen yogurt shop this weekend.  It was so fun and low fat!  Ainsley and I split a cookie n cream and birthday cake frozen yogurt treat.  Ainsley ended up eating half of the ice cream!  She has a good appetite!  

Guess what little miss loss recently?  Her hearing aid!  Thankfully she gets one replacement hearing aid over a 4 year period for a minimal fee $150.  I called our insurance agency and added on a policy to cover hear hearing aid in case we lose it again (this was a great idea that Ainsley's audiologist recommended today).  For only $11 a month the $1900 hearing aid will be fully covered with no co-pay...what a great idea! 
Our sweet girl likes sweets!
And her baby doll and walks!  We took a walk tonight and Ainsley pointed at every bird, dog and bunny we passed!  She loves animals!