Wednesday, March 28

Diaper Dance

After work, I picked up A and we walked over to Ryan's office to pick him up!

Ainsley kept her hearing aid in most of the we had to celebrate!
We went to Applebees and it was kids night.  They had a balloon artist--he would make any balloon figure you wanted.  I was SO impressed with him and so was Ainsley.  She is in LOVE with Elmo.  She says "Elmo" anytime she sees him.  I ordered her three Easter presents today for her Easter basket...they were all Elmo related a video, Elmo doll and book.   
It has been SO nice here lately, so Sunday we took Ainsley out for a walk to a local park.  One of her signing videos has a song called "diaper dance".  I sang this for Ainsley, and she started dancing!

Ainsley is also in love with birds.  There were HUGE birds circling over the park--she loved to point to them!  The flu is going around Ainsley's daycare.  I had it Monday evening/Tuesday--it came on quick and left quick.  I am praying little miss does not get it!  

Sunday, March 25

Fresh Air

A new stroller for spring/summer walks.
Ainsley borrowed my sun glasses today!  We took two big walks today.  Ainsley was asleep by 7:15 pm, fresh air made her tired!

Saturday, March 24

Spilled milk

Little miss helps me get ready in the morning!
I love this sweet, sweet face.
Today we went to Amana, IA and visited the wool factory!

Ainsley tested a cowboy hat!
Ainsley LOVED the 3-way mirror!  She kept snuggling up to herself in the mirror.  It was like she had a twin, oh my!
After the wool factory, we went to a furniture factory.  It was a beautiful, expensive store!  Right after this picture, little miss dropped her sippy cup and milk went all over the wooden floor and soaked in.....!!!!   I ran to the bathroom....they only had hand dryers, so I got LOTS of toilet paper and we did the best we could to clean up the spill.  We told a nice lady at the front desk and she was SO kind.  She said, don't worry I'll clean it up.  While we were apologizing, Ainsley gave the lady the biggest smile--that totally helped to smooth things over!  Wheew, Ainsley's cute smile came in handy today!

Ains and Ryan hanging out while I shopped in the General Store!

Welcome spring!!

Thursday, March 22

Ketchup galore

Ainsley's new ear mold finally came in!  We had an early appointment at the Hearing Aid Clinic with Shea to get her all set.  She pulled it on multiple times today at school, so we'll have to keep an eye on her this weekend until she gets used to it so it doesn't end up in her mouth! 
We went to the mall for dinner tonight.  I was talking with Ryan and we both looked over at Ainsley and realized she was covered in ketchup.  She was dipping chicken one minute and the next minute just dipping her hand in the ketchup!  She loves it!

Time for some fun! 
Trying out deck furniture with dad!

We rode the horses twice!  As soon as the horses stopped, Ainsley signed, "more, more, more".  The nice lady running the ride said she could ride again for free :)!
Ainsley made this hat at school and wanted to wear it home!

Wednesday, March 21

On the mend

Ainsley stayed home sick today with me and she hasn't been eating, so I got her a birthday cake pop.  She loved it!
Ains has a bad cold--today she was breathing fast, so we took her into the doctor this afternoon.

They checked Ainsley's pulse ox and it was 93, and they like it to be 95 or above so they gave her a breathing treatment there an it went up to 95 so we took our sweet girl home so she could rest more.

Tonight she was getting her spunk back, so I think she is on the mend!  We gave Ainsley our old iPhone.  She "talks" on the phone now--such a big girl!

Tuesday, March 20

Ruling out peas

Our little miss is growing up.  She looks like a big girl with her back pack!
Ainsley isn't a fan of peas!
She kept trying them and she had the same reaction.

Tonight I went for a walk with some friends and Ainsley was coughing a lot and not feeling 100%, so she stayed home with Ryan.  Within 5 minutes of me leaving, she curled up on the living room floor and fell fast asleep.

A big thanks to Aunt Angie & Cousin Ava for sending Ainsley some Easter goodies!  She will look so cute in the outfits and she will love the bubbles, crayons and video!  Thanks Ang and Ava!

Monday, March 19

Weekend up-date

Ainsley and I adopted a couple of local nursing home residents that we will visit a couple of times each month since the staff said they rarely get visitors.  The two we were paired with were amazing!  One was a former school teacher and was named Hazel--just like my two grandmas!  And one was a former piano player in Hollywood!  We took them some St. Patrick's Day goodies.  Little A was super quiet--it was a new environment for her...but hopefully she will come to enjoy our visits.  Everyone at the nursing home enjoyed seeing little miss.  Our next visit will be around Easter, should be fun!
We noticed little miss didn't have much of an appetite this weekend and she was going to the bathroom more Sunday night she had developed a bad diaper rash and was feeling icky.
Ryan took Ainsley to the doctor and got her some amazing diaper rash cream--it is 100% better tonight!   It worked SO well! 
Ainsley is feeling much better after resting today.  It must have been the tummy bug that has been going around.  
She was back to her smiley self this evening and hopefully she'll get a great nights sleep and will be back to her old self tomorrow!