Thursday, May 30

Basement project!

It has been a busy few weeks in the Cohenour house!  Here are some random up-dates from Iowa!
We discovered Ainsley loves iced tea just like her mamma!
We have been having storms almost every day.  Ryan took this picture of me and Ainsley one night at 11 pm when the sirens were going off.  I was SO tired--not my best look.  I emailed my dad this picture the next day and asked him to come up and help Ryan build a storm shelter in our basement.  Thankfully he said yes!
Ryan was keeping me up-dated on the radar--we are having significant flooding in Iowa now.  Ryan will be sand bagging bright and early tomorrow morning.  We are praying the rain stops so it doesn't get worse.
Little miss having fun!
Ainsley saying "I love you".

Ainsley had a couple of appointments at the hospital last week, so we had to check out the construction on the new Children's hospital.  This was a glass walk-way.  I know it looks dangerous--but it was completely enclosed. 
Ainsley loved watching the tractors and felt right at home and took a little rest--she is such a funny girl!
My dad and Vicki came up to visit this past weekend to help with our basement and the brought up a riding lawn mower for us.  I loved mowing with it--I mowed the whole yard in 20 minutes instead of 2 hours.  Thanks dad for the gift of time!!  And, it was fun to drive around super fast!
Ainsley's favorite past time!
Ainsley and her Papa Bob.  She was SO happy to see them.  Almost every day since they left she will say, "where papa/Vicki go?".  Too cute.
One of our many trips to Lowes last weekend.  My dad brought his truck up--so we took advantage of getting lots of things that won't fit in our car!
Before our unfinished is still unfinished, it just has an enclosed room! 
While Ainsley took a nap and Ryan and my dad built the room--Vicki helped me to organize the basement.  She is an organizing machine!  I am an organized person, but I pale in comparison to Vicki's organization.  There were several times I thought, ok--we're good and she kept at this project until everything was perfect!  While I took a load of things to donate she started organizing our garage--thanks dad and Vicki for helping with our home projects!!
Ryan and I went to Lowes late Saturday night to get sheet rock for the new room--we were SO tired and we vowed not to do a home project for many months!
I took Ainsley to Target the other day and as we were leaving she started yelling "popcorn"--it wasn't even 10 am, but little miss was craving some popcorn!

Getting some snuggles from Vicki!
Tap dancing on papa's trailer!
An organized basement!!

Our new safe room--almost done!
My dad also brought up a coffee table and chair that he didn't need anymore--so we rearranged some furniture to our front room.  This is my new favorite place to read or blog :)!  We are going to hang some curtains this weekend in this room--so a minor home project that hopefully won't take all weekend!

Sunday, May 19

Pink Piggy Bank

Ainsley loves to feed her piggy bank.  There is not a penny left in our house after today!
I would find change for her and she would keep saying "eat"! So--I kept running to find more change :)!  While she was feeding the piggy, I was organizing Ainsley's clothes--it was time to break out the shorts and summer tops!
That little pink piggy is getting full! 
At least our change jars are cleaned up!

Tiddy closet with summer clothes ready!
Ainsley tried to make the piggy "eat" with its mouth!
My little saver!

Wednesday, May 15

Week Re-Cap

Last weekend we did a landscaping project in the front of our house.  We've been in our house for two years and haven't taken much time to landscape--so it was nice to spend some time on this project.  
My pictures loaded out of order, so you'll see the landscape final project before the prep pictures--oh well, its late and my dad has asked several times to see the finished pictures--so here goes! 
Finished product--minus the hose, we've had to water every night because it has been a little dry.
Front stoop flowers and our owl...our crazy birds are back.  They always try to make a nest by our front porch..but if we put Mr. Owl up, they don't bother us.  Ainsley loves it!
Ainsley likes to "floss" while I'm getting ready in the morning.  She really just likes the taste of mint floss!
On my way to work this week--I was just struck by the beauty of the blue skies and budding trees!
Tonight we went to a the new Longhorn steak house that just opened in our town.
Ainsley loved my salad...mostly the ranch part!

After dinner we stopped by and got Ainsley a quick hair cut!
And then went to the park.  Ainsley's favorite part of the hair cut--a balloon and sucker!
Tonight Ainsley was helping Ryan water the new grass spots and I sat down to enjoy the fresh air!  I thought to myself--this is so peaceful.
Ainsley made her way to me and she had a sparkle in her eye! 
I should have known better at this point.

As I was snapping this picture, she completly drenched me and as I ran away she watered my chair.  Peaceful moment over--had to laugh.  The funny part is Ryan promised he didn't put Ainsley up to it, she thought of that all on her own.  Such a trickster!
She may be mischievous at times, but she is such a sweet, sweet girl!

Love her!

More yard work with her dad!
Ainsley liked these guys at Lowes!

And the books!
Getting supplies at Lowes! 
One of our neighbors had a yard sale last weekend, we found this cute doctor set for Ainsley. 
A few of Ainsley's favorites these days:  Orange tic tacs, sitting in her daddy's car, watering the flowers and Yo Gabba Gabba! 

Checking out her daddy before lunch.  We didn't have to tell Ainsley what to do, she immediately put the stethoscope around her neck.  We may have a future doctor on our hands!

This was an all day project!  At one point our sweet neighbors came over and offered to watch Ainsley so we could finish up the project.  It was super cold, so we took them up on their offer and Ainsley had the best time!
Ainsley sleeps on a cot at school which is low to the ground.  This past weekend, she wanted to take her Saturday and Sunday naps on her pink rug.  She snuggled up on the floor and went right to sleep.  
Almost done--right before the mulch!
Me and my Ainsley!  At this dinner Ainsley kept throwing her crayons, drawings, etc over the railing to another table.  We couldn't see them because the barrier between us was so high, but Ainsley managed to throw things over twice.  I was mortified, Ainsley was laughing, Ryan went over to their table to apologize.  Life with a 2 year old...never a dull moment!
Ainsley tried corn on the cob for the first time this week--she loved it!  Ryan went to the store tonight to get more corn for a weekend BBQ!
Sunday night ice cream run for Mother's Day.  
Ainsley loved it!