Sunday, March 30


Ryan and I met the summer in between our first year and sophomore year at CCH at Eastern IL University. Every spring they have a fundraiser banquet to support the ministry.
We love to go and support the ministry that provided so much support and growth opportunities when we were in college. It's also great to see old friends! We got to spend some time catching up with three couples over dinner-it was fun!
The highlight of the night was seeing baby Della-Ryan's brother went to EIU/CCH too so we got to catch up with Tim, Jenny and baby Della!

Friday, March 28

Week update!

Last weekend Ryan's parents visited! Ains dyed Easter eggs for the first time. She was SO focused!

My dad and Vicki then visited! They both recently celebrated birthdays so we had cupcakes!
And did a little fishing!
My dad and Ainsley!
Ains had a visitor mid-week! She wanted to keep him!
My sweet girl!

Helping cook!

Her "puter" (computer)!

She pretends she's on The Voice!

Happy girl!

Thursday, March 20

Spring cleaning

I dove into Ainsley's closet today to organize! 
After two hours..,
Success! Clean and tidy!  We had lots of clothes to donate and some for baby Della!
Tonight we had a dry wall party! Here's Kate and me carrying dry wall! We are so thankful for great neighbors and friends to help us with the basement remodel!

Wednesday, March 19

IL fun & Basement work!

Ains is having fun in IL this week with her Grammie & Papa! Here's Ains with her cousin Della! Every time we call Ains she wants to tell us all about "baby Della". She loves her!
She also went fishing with her Papa!
Meanwhile in Iowa we should be resting, going to the movies and going out to dinner...,no, silly us decided to finish our basement in a week!
I helped to carry sheet rock and am the clean up crew!
Much cleaner! We are hoping to have it all sheet rocked this week! As a side note if anyone needs a workout bench we'll sell you this one for a steal! It's gently used :)!

Saturday, March 15

Running & 80s

Today Linda and I took Ains to story time at the library! She loved it!  She then wanted to run around the neighborhood in her Frozen wig. Just a typical day :).
Fun with Grammie!

Tonight Ryan and I went to a dinner theater that one of his co-workers was directing!
The opening act was 80s songs! I loved it and sang along to every one of the songs! 

Thursday, March 13

Happy Birthday Grammie

Tonight we took Linda out for a birthday dinner! It has been great having her visit this week!

Our cheerleader!

Go Hawks!

Tuesday, March 11

Advocare-24 day challenge part one!

I've never been a dieter...I've had moments where I'll try to give up diet coke or eat healthier or work out, but I've never stuck with a plan.  That changed 10 days go.  I started the Advocare 24 day challenge and dove in.  I started it on March 2 and this was significant for me because it is one month before the 4th anniversary of when I lost my mom.  I always promise myself that I will get healthier every year around this time.  I think this year I will make that happen!  The first 10 days of the 24 day challenge is a cleanse phase and I just finished that.  The thing I love about Advocare it is about eating healthy and taking good vitamins/supplements.  I've already lost 4 pounds and 2+ inches--but the biggest victory...I cut out Diet Coke completely!  Instead I've been drinking 10+ glasses of water per day.  We've also swapped eating out for cooking healthy meals at home and when we do eat out we really think through healthy options.  I didn't give food much thought before, I just grabbed what was convenient. I'm now being thoughtful about what would be good for me.  I'm up to 5-7 fruits/veggies per day.  Here is a before and after with just 10 days into the program.
Ryan started the challenge too!  He is only 4 days into his challenge  and he is already starting to see results! If anyone is interested in learning more, I'd be happy to talk more about Advocare.  I was hesitant before I started, but it has been a good fit for us!

Monday, March 10

Our strong little girl!

This morning we went in for our genetic testing. We were told they needed a LOT of blood for the test. They needed the max amount for Ainsley and her size. 
The lady doing the test was worried about getting the amount they needed from Ains, she said "we'll try" and I said "I'll pray" and she said "I've already done that". I knew we were in good hands.
Such a sweet girl! I went first and Ains blew bubbles for me and next Ryan went and she held his hand.
Then Ains went and didn't cry...not one tear! This has never happened-ever! Ains has had blood draws almost every other month for a variety of things and there are always a ton of tears. Not today! We were SO proud of her!

They took all of our samples and they were going on the plane today! We should know the results in two months.
Ains got a rice crispy treat and was one happy girl!