Tuesday, March 31

Fun in the sun

Yesterday evening was so beautiful so we took a walk and played in the yard!

Ainsley's new favorite color is purple so when I drove by these flowers I knew we had to go see them!

Bubble time!

We wrapped up the night with strawbery shortcake!

Monday, March 30

Palm Sunday

Sunday Ryan traveled with the admissions department for a new student event do Ainsley and I went to The Gathering! This was a Palm Sunday event at Baylor stadium. They asked everyone to bring some items for the local food pantry.
Ains didn't nap yesterday so I didn't know how long she's last at the event, but she did great!
We had about a 1 mile walk from our car to the stadium and she did great!
The weather was perfect-sunny and 80!
It was so amazing to see the stadium packed with people who were there to celebrate Jesus. 

We left a little early because A was hungry and tired. She took a bit of a rest on the walk back to the car. I'm so thankful we got to be a part of this special Palm Sunday event!

Saturday, March 28

Friday Night Fun!

Friday we went out for dinner and a movie!
Ryan found this new place downtown-food was great and the staff was so sweet!
Silly girl!

Time for Cinderella!

She loved it!
Saturday morning "school"!

We stopped by Hobby Lobby for eggs for the school Easter egg hunt-and A found this egg :)!

Friday, March 27


Our brave girl had her big dentist appointment on Wednesday!
They took great care of her!
She needed several fillings and three caps due to side cavities. Apparently fillings in kids last one year (because they are surface fillings) and these caps last 5-7 years. The dentist explained that these are very different from caps in adults, because these flex with the baby teeth.
Sweet girl was sedated and needed several numbing shots, but she was so brave and such a trooper! The dentist recommended a shake after to help with the pain and A loved that! 
One sweet family came by that evening and brought Ainsley balloons and this cute zebra!
She was so excited to show off her new "strong" teeth to her classmates on Thursday. Everyone thought her silver teeth we so cool and Ainsley said they wanted them too :). Ainsley definitely inherited our cavity prone teeth :(, so the dentist is going to watch her closely so we can hopefully prevent any more "silver" teeth!
Look what we found on campus yesterday!
Spring has arrived!

Monday, March 23


Sunday we took Ainsley to the park for some fun!
It was a perfect day!
Ainsley liked the climbing wall the best!
and the slide!
 This sweet girl melts my heart!
When I considered this new job at Skyfactor Mapworks (working with universities to develop early-intervention plans for students) my #1 concern was Ainsley.
I said to Ryan, how can I take a new job when we have a potential muscle diagnosis looming over our heads. 
Thankfully Ryan is a voice of reason and shared that as with anything we've faced with Ainsley's medical concerns we shouldn't stop living life and get consumed by it.  
I love being a mom and also love working to help college students be successful.  So I said yes!
I made Ainsley a book to explain my new job and that I'd be working from home most of the time with some travel. 
I'm thankful for this new opportunity and am excited to be home most days to  spend time with my sweet girl!
The reason that I hesitated so much with the decision about this new job is that Ainsley's recent neuromuscular doctor's appointment was different than any other we had.
It took both Ryan and I a few weeks after the appointment to put our fingers on how we were feeling.
I think we both realized that in 4 months we'll likely finally have an answer to Ainsley's potential muscle problems because her doctor ordered a very detailed  genetic muscle disorder test.  He also said that what we thought she may have is at the bottom of his list of possibilities--he didn't tell us what was on his list of possibilities, but that is the part that got both Ryan and I.  His calm, yet detailed plan for physical therapy and this genetic testing.
We'll deal with whatever lies ahead...

In the meantime we are going to keep enjoying life!

And be aware of possible supports Ainsley may need along the way.

This is all on my mind today because we got a letter from her Houston doctor today that outlines what type of sedation she can and can't have based on her possible muscle myopathy.  It is always a shock to see that in writing.

Ainsley has some dental work on Wednesday she needs to be sedated for so we appreciated her new doctor outlining what she needs in order to be safe.

We vow to keep positive and enjoy life with our sweet, spunky girl!
I think of this verse often when I think of our sweet girl, "They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of His splendor" -Isaiah 61:3