Friday, March 27


Our brave girl had her big dentist appointment on Wednesday!
They took great care of her!
She needed several fillings and three caps due to side cavities. Apparently fillings in kids last one year (because they are surface fillings) and these caps last 5-7 years. The dentist explained that these are very different from caps in adults, because these flex with the baby teeth.
Sweet girl was sedated and needed several numbing shots, but she was so brave and such a trooper! The dentist recommended a shake after to help with the pain and A loved that! 
One sweet family came by that evening and brought Ainsley balloons and this cute zebra!
She was so excited to show off her new "strong" teeth to her classmates on Thursday. Everyone thought her silver teeth we so cool and Ainsley said they wanted them too :). Ainsley definitely inherited our cavity prone teeth :(, so the dentist is going to watch her closely so we can hopefully prevent any more "silver" teeth!
Look what we found on campus yesterday!
Spring has arrived!

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