Tuesday, January 16


I LOVE New Years resolutions! A fresh start! Lots of hope! Endless supplies of goals to tackle! I normally make 10 goals for the year-not kidding...and a few weeks in I lose steam! This year I decided to chose a word a month to guide 2018! For January I chose simplify!

Life is FULL of ALL the things right now, so this was a great word to start with! I started to simplify my spaces! Here is A’s homework basket before and after!

Clean and ready for the new year!

Oh boy! Ryan and I tackled the garage together! A lot of this went up in the attic. I need to take an after picture:)!

This was FULL of art work! Now it is full of Valentines pics:)!

We’ve also simplified some of our bills. I stopped a music and book monthly subscription. I am behind on my audible books, so I paused my subscription and will get caught up instead of letting the books pile up!! We also cut cable this month...this has been a game changer in simplifying our time!

Back to simplifying my kitchen-what a mess!



After! This took about 1 hour to simplify drawers, my kitchen pantry and fridge! Our space is so much more peaceful now!

I love these suggestions! Definitely a work in progress for me!

Wow! I’m doing several of these but not all-great ideas!

With Ainsley’s medical needs we can sometimes get overwhelmed...so we are simplifying there too! Right now our focus is on her ears! She had surgery last week and we see both of her ear surgeons for follow up apts and I’ll post an update on that soon!

Simplify=more space for life and this sweet girl! Hope your 2018 is off to a great start!

Saturday, January 6

The Pioneer Woman Lodge Visit!

On our trip home to TX we stopped at the Pioneer Woman’s store and lodge!!

So fun!!

We went to the bakery!!

Oh my word-so good! We all split this the next day!

Look who we met!!!

A visit to the lodge-a 30 min drive from the store! 


Such a sweet dog!!

They had beautiful rooms that connected the filming kitchen and the prep kitchen!

Such a fun visit!!

Friday, December 29

Visit to IL-part II

Next up a visit to the Cohenour’s!

Cousin time!!! 

These two! Like two peas in a pod!! 


Ainsley helped Linda and I watch the girls while the guys went to see a movie!

Linda and Cora! These girls love their Grammie!

Game night! Ticket to Ride!

Back in the car and headed home to TX! We are going to miss family, but we are ready for warm weather!!

I found a few more pics! We stayed with Tim and Jenny in their new home. It is a perfect fit for them and only 2 miles from Ryan’s parents! 

Ainsley and Cora!

Ains and I got some hot chocolate for the drive!! 

She also got a car treat! We are de-sugaring in 2018!

We stopped off at Target in Missouri and A picked out a new book. She LOVES reading!