Thursday, November 23

NOLA Day 2

So thankful for many things today-family, Jesus, friends and about 100 other things. Whenever I am having a bad day I try to stop and say 10 things I am thankful for. This helps me find the good in all circumstances. We have so much to be thankful for in this world-from the simple joys to the greater blessings.

Starbucks run!

Cracker Barrel lunch!

Next up movie time! Coco came out yesterday and Ainsley has been asking at least 4 times a day to see it! It was SO good!!

I love all of the trees in LA!

We found a fun park to explore before Black Friday shopping!

Linda and I took a walk this evening-it was a beautiful Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 22

New Orleans!

We met Ryan’s parents in New Orleans for a thanksgiving get a way!

Exploring the city!

They have started to decorate the city for Christmas!

We found this beautiful place for dinner! It was so good! Their bread was from the oldest bakery in New Orleans!

Ryan and Larry got fish and Linda and I had soup and salad! Ainsley had a grilled cheese!

Ains got sparkling water, she felt so special!

Celebrating a fun day!

Photo credit to Ainsley!

Ainsley LOVES a big city! Ryan was keeping an eye on traffic here, it was pretty busy in the city tonight!

Tuesday, November 21

On the mend

Tuesday morning we left the house early and traveled 2 hours north to Ainsley’s ear surgeon.

Ready for her check up!

A quick bathroom break at Starbucks!

BP check-all vitals are great today and her surgeon said her ear drum repair is holding!! It is still healing so no hearing aid for another week and drops will continue for 2 weeks.

The doctor was really happy with how her ear was healing!!

Ready to go!

A car treat for the drive!

A quick stop at Cracker Barrel. She loves singing! Our little rock star!!

Designer dress

Last night during Dancing with the Stars Ainsley created her own dress! 

An Ainsley original!

Ainsley’s school is closed this week so she got to hang out with us at work!

She had PT mid-day and loved her campus adventure!

Monday, November 20

Birthday fun

Saturday we went to a birthday party for Ainsley’s sweet friend, Eli! He has a new puppy!!

Isn’t this the cutest cake!

Let the games begin!

Releasing balloons!

This month in Sunday school the kids are learning about gratitude!

They had a fun photo booth set up!

Saturday, November 18

This and That

Ains made herself a new dress out of wrapping paper!

My little Chef!

All smiles!

Ready for fun!

My office is starting a food pantry for students! I’m so excited about this new resource for students in need! A and R helped me to get it set up!

Night out with her dad!

Our church group helped us with a food drive Wednesday! We love this group!

Flowers for A’s sweet teacher! Ains was telling everyone she wouldn’t see her teacher for a while week during break!! She will miss her!!