Wednesday, June 20

Life lately

Ains is raising money this summer at church to buy a new playground for Mission Waco. She was so excited to put the money she raised into the big bucket at church. She found a penny on the ground at Walmart tonight and I later found it in her donation bucket :).

Sweet girl telling me all about her day!

Celebrating Wednesday!

Ainsley has been texting with one of her BFFs and I found this text on my phone that she made :)!

Sunday, June 17

Father’s Day Interview

Happy Father's Day to 3 great dads--Ryan, Bob & Larry!  I asked Ainsley some "interview" questions about her dad and Papas!
 Favorite food:
Ryan:  ribs
Larry:  cherry lime aid
Bob:  popcorn

Favorite color:
Ryan:  red
Bob:  green
Larry:  blue

Favorite thing to do with her dad or Papas:
Ryan:  watch movies
Larry:  go to the museum
Bob:  ride the tractor

If you could make your dad or Papa's an animal for a day, what would you turn them in to:
Ryan:  lion
Larry:  mountain lion
Bob:  Meerkat

How old is.... (I'm not verifying these, this is the age according to Ainsley):
Ryan:  40
Bob:  70
Larry:  67

What does your dad or Papas know SO well they could teach people about:
Ryan:  Math
Bob:  He could teach people how to farm
Larry:  repair phones

If you could plan a vacation for your dad or your Papas where would you send them for fun:
Ryan:  Mt. Everest
Bob:  China
Larry:  Hawaii

Saturday, June 16


Ryan’s parents came to visit us in May! They took A to the zoo!

She came down with a horrible virus that caused a high fever and lasted 4 days and then she felt SO much better! We took her to the dr twice during that time due to the high fever.

For Mother’s Day we took Linda to the opening of the Titanic exhibit and dinner! My friend Jenny met us there.

Beautiful center pieces!

It was a fun event!

Memories! Doesn’t it look like I’m standing behind a toilet? It was a part of the boat, but looked funny!

A little note Ains sent my dad!
A and R drove along with me last weekend to a CASA event in Austin!

This CASA event was after my two day doctoral orientation so I was tired but thankful for the opportunity to be an advocate!

I love this place in Austin!! Look at those plants and that sweet girl!

Apple store!

It is already blazing hot in TX!

Craft time!

More craft time at home!

Decorated for the 4th!

Ains had a girls night with some friends while R and I went to dinner!

Our favorite place for salads!

They had a Marilyn Monroe singer! So fun!

Tuesday, May 29


S’mores, round 2!

Ainsley put 2 marshmallows on her s’mores last night!

Ainsley found a stick that looked like a candy cane! She had to save it for her next visit and not burn it!

A beautiful night! Thanks Dad & Vicki for a fun trip to IL!

Monday, May 28

Fun on the Farm

Time to explore the farm!

Ainsley loves driving around!

Ainsley and my dad on the tractor!

Dad & Vicki at Monicals!

Time for s’mores!!

Ains loved them and may have had two!!

Park time, even though it was 95 degrees out!!

I hope you had a great Memorial Day! We are thankful for those who have given their lives for our country and freedom. Thinking of their families and friends as they remember their loved ones today and throughout the year.

Love my girl!!

Ainsley’s recent art work!!