Saturday, March 10

My how she’s grown!!

We are home in Waco! Thankful for a fun trip, and very thankful to be home!

Disney day 6-part 2

We did a meet and greet with Brave! Ainsley talked her ear off!

Ry and Ains got a funnel cake!! Another tradition-they normally get one per trip!

We had dinner at Chef Mickeys! We watched the fireworks from the rooftop before dinner!

Dinner at Chef Mickeys!

Oh my the desserts! Our healthy eating starts tomorrow!

After dinner we went back to the Magic Kingdom at 10:30 pm and closed down the park! We loved our trip and had fun meeting our friends for dinner every night!

Disney day 6-Magic Kingdom, part 1

Ready for another day of fun!

So sunny!!

We finally made it to get one of the famous cinnamon rolls!! They were amazing!

The wait time was long, but worth it!

Ariel and Ainsley!

We try to do the Dumbo ride at least once!

Today was a busy day that wrapped up at 12:30 am!!

Disney day 5 Hollywood Studios

We started out the day with some exciting rides!

Ains was so excited about riding Rockin Roller Coaster!

Lots of Star Wars fun!

Frozen lemonade time!

We ate dinner the 50s diner and were home early-by 9:30

Friday, March 9

Caribbean Beach Resort

My dad wanted to see pictures of our resort! We’ve loved all of the plants here!!

Lots of construction!

So excited about this!