Monday, February 19


This sweet girl loves life!

We took her to the park Saturday afternoon and she had the best time.

I’m so thankful for nicer weather! We are ready for spring!!

Sunday, February 11

Saturday, February 10

Life Lately

Ainsley LOVES to read! For Valentines Day she asked for a new book! She loves funny series called Dog Man :)!

Ainsley playing teacher! She wanted me to be the principal!

I stopped by her classroom to read to the class :).

Getting ready for Valentines Day. We get ready in stages :).

A fun basketball game while I worked the Celebration of First Year Excellence!

Brenda and me getting ready to welcome the students!

After the game R and A stopped by to help us clean up! Ainsley is the I in shine :)!

Getting new ear buds!

Dr. Drew and her students are AMAZING! The gold standard in Audiology! We are so thankful to have their expertise and guidance over the years for Ainsley.

After church one day Ains was asked to be a flower girl for Christy’s wedding!

She was OVER the moon!

Sweet girl!

Ains and Ryan went to the zoo in Dallas after her follow up appointments last week! I love that A and R are always up for an adventure!

Thursday night I was one of several faculty and staff honored by our student veterans in a coin recognition celebration. It was such an honor and so thoughtful. It has been my honor to get to know several of our Baylor student veterans.

Sunday, February 4

Otoplasty-part II

I wanted to share some more info on Ainsley’s recovery! She is doing great now, but there were a few tough days!

We kept up with A’s pain meds so she was never in much pain, but the head wrap was horrible! It was so tight I caused a blister on her forehead.

4 days after her surgery we took her to the ER (because it was a Saturday) to take off the tight head wrap and have her head rewrapped. 

This was Friday night when the headwrap began to shift (her surgery was on Tuesday).

Saturday morning, it was falling every 5 minutes!

2 hour drive to the ER in Dallas. Our local ER recommended we go back to the hospital where A had her surgery.

We called ahead to the ENT on call so he was removing the painful bandage within minutes of arriving. They gave us masks as a flu precaution.

Rewrapped! Praise the Lord!

The doctor wanted Ains out of school for 8 days! My dad and Vicki were such a big help at home since A’s surgery was the first week of classes at Baylor!

A little light car work! Ains started to get restless 5 days in :)!

Such a strong girl!!

She is an inspiration to me!

Ready to have the bandages off for good! We went back to the surgeon on day 8!

Sweet girl!

Before and after!

Hearing test!

We wrapped up seeing A’s other surgeon who repaired her ear drum! It looked great too! No more water restrictions!! SO thankful!!