Saturday, December 9

A morning with Santa

Saturday Ainsley and I went to a special event at Baylor called, A Morning with Santa!

Craft time! We made two ornaments!

This was Ainsley’s reaction when she saw Santa!

He has arrived!

Story time!

We explored the union before taking pictures with Santa!

Ainsley told Santa she wanted Aqua Beads!

A fun morning!

Thursday, December 7

December fun-II

I had to call this post December Fun-II because I am not creative at naming posts these days :)! Saturday we helped at the Mission Waco Toy Store! This is a great ministry for local families. They can stop for toys for their families at a reduced price. There will be so many happy kids on Christmas morning!

Ainsley helped us to restock the toy store!

Saturday night Ainsley had some sweet girls over! The house was filled with laughter of 7 giggly girls! I enjoyed hanging out with their moms too! We decorated sugar cookies for dessert!

Sunday was our last day of Sunday school for the year!

We had a competition to decorate a manger scene with candy!

We also had a Christmas tree competition!!

Our 1st graders won!!! 

I had to work late one night this week for finals and little miss helped me! She did her spelling work on my computer!

She had fun!

We restocked the food pantry! We’ve had lots of visitors this week!
today was Ainsley’s GT open house!

Her bridge held this weight!

So proud of her!

We got to hang out during mini maker time! She loved this activity!! 

She was making Snow White!

Tonight we got some gifts ready for her Principal and Assistant Principals.

And her after school teachers! Hopefully they will enjoy the sweet treats!

2 of several gift bags all ready for tomorrow :)! Ready to spread some Christmas cheer!!

Sunday, December 3

December fun

Last week at church the kids help load up the trailers for the Mission Waco Toy Store!!

Lots of toys for kids in our Waco community!

After church we did some yard work and decorating!

This was an after picture, we had SO many weeds to pull!

A few touches of Christmas!

We organized the garage, it was a bit of a hot mess before!

Ainsley wore her Christmas outfits to school this week!

I put up a few Christmas decorations in my office.

Ainsley made a gingerbread dog house! It was small-the perfect size!

We went to Christmas on 5th at Baylor Thursday! First we did a carriage ride!

Ainsley ran into lots of friends! These two giggled and jumped for about 15 min waiting in line! They are full of so much JOY!

Train ride with more sweet friends!

Ainsley, Mary, Joseph & baby Jesus-2017!

Same event, 2016!

We opened our Baylor food pantry on Friday!

I was excited that we served 18 students on opening day!

We had a great group gather for a blessing for the food pantry before opening, it was a great day!