Sunday, April 15


Ains has her neuromuscular doctor at Texas Children’s in Houston Monday so we took her to Galveston today!

Galveston is about 4 hours from our home!

We made it!

We went straight to the beach!

Pure joy!

Sandcastle time!

Time for dinner!

Late night swim! Ains was so excited! 

Such a peaceful place!

Life lately

This week we had consultants in town for work so we met them early for breakfast! Such a fun place!

I love their Kind breakfast! So yummy!

Little miss having fun outside!

Ains has learned to make popcorn! She got her apron and oven mits ready to make her mini popcorn bag :)!

Ains on Saturday-she went for a Western theme! 

Saturday night we went to a fundraiser for our Campus Kitchen! The students did an amazing job planning a great event!

Ainsley got to meet the band! She had a fun night!!

Sunday, April 8

My little helper

Saturday Ryan and I both worked an Admissions event so Ains got to go to work with me!

She was so excited! 

She took her role very seriously!

After we wrapped up we went to the Texas Rangers and Children’s Museums!

Ryan had to work a little longer but joined us for the second museum.

We ran into some sweet friends at the museum!

Friday, April 6

Mani Pedis

Ains and I got mani/pedis tonight!

They have a kids room with two adult chairs to we got to hang out together. They give Ains some Capri Sun and let her pick the movie.

Ains is all done and waiting on me! She loves Posh! They have an amazing staff!

Wednesday, April 4

Monday, April 2

8 years later

8 years ago on April 2nd we suddenly lost our mom.

I was 3 months pregnant with Ainsley at the time and she passed away on Good Friday that year.

Ainsley and I talk often about my mom, Rose Marie. Although they never met, I see a lot of my mom’s goodness and love for life in Ainsley.

My mom always had a heart to help others. So we did a service project in her honor today.

My mom had a gift for always being present. You always felt that she was fully listening to you. I’ve been reminded of that gift of being present multiple times this weekend as I have had some good quality family time.

Mom always encouraged me to not stress and to enjoy life. So today we got up bright and early and had a fun breakfast at Magnolia Table-instead of checking off the to do list. Wished she could have been with us.

My mom loved to laugh. I’m certain she and Ainsley would have had many fun times together!

My mom would have loved this strawberry butter! 

Thankful for the time I did have with my mom-learning from her and being loved by her.

Thankful also for my family and the hope we have in the Lord.