Saturday, September 16

Family Fun

My dad sent Ains a Halloween package (thanks dad!), Ainsley wanted to wear her new skirt the next day!

Ainsley's picture day outfit-her choice ;)!

Mom and Ains mani/pedi time!

Silly girl!


I don't know what Ains was doing here :)!

Fun exploring downtown Waco!!

New lunch place! It was great!

Ainsley LOVES Magnolia! She talked us into it!

Cotton Candy snow cone!

We went to the library to get some chapter books for Ainsley! Her elementary school had their art work displayed there! She was so excited to show us her work!

Ainsley did some fun artwork at the library!! All in all a fun weekend!

Saturday, September 9

Catching up

Ains has been learning to play Ryan's video game. She loves it!

We may be several states away but we still love to get dressed up and cheer on the Hawkeyes! I aske Ains is she wanted to take a picture...she insisted that we do a cheer pose :)!

Last weekend we went to a local fun place for dinner!

You can feed the fish and turtles. A loves it!

A little fun after dinner!

Physical therapy Fridays!

Ainsley loves to race her physical therapist! She is competitive!!

Saturday Ainsley went to the dance clinic!!

She learned dances for 4 hours!!

She loved it!!

She gets to perform at a football game in late September-she is looking forward to it!! She loves a stage!  She asked me to clap for her when she got out of the jeep quickly this afternoon!! She apparently now loves to be cheered on at all times ;)!

First Grade

Ainsley has been loving 1st grade!

The school had her FM system all ready for her on day 1 so she was ready to go! She didn't experience the extreme fatigue like last year due to straining to hear before she got her FM system-we are thankful she had this set up on day 1!!

Ainsley is loving her teacher and class!!

Ains and her great teacher!!

Big girl!!

Ainsley started GT (gifted and talented) this fall. She was thrilled to find out her sweet friend is in GT too!! One day a week she rides a bus to another school for this program. They are learning chess!! It helps with memory and strategy development!!

She is thrilled to have some friends who are in GT too!

We met her friends for a play date on Monday!

Doing her spelling homework! She had to type her spelling words to her teacher!

Writing fun!

Here's the info in chess-who knew this was such a great skill to learn! I'm going to have to learn too just to keep up with A!

I got to have a special dinner with this cutie the other night before meet the teachers!!

Ainsley loves fall as much as I do! She already broke out the Boo clothes!!