Friday, November 30


To celebrate that fact that it was Friday we took Ainsley to the pet shop tonight.  She got to hold  kitty and "hugged" it to tight, so we moved on to a beautiful Sheltie dog--but it barked too much and Ainsley was scared of it.  The third pet we tried was a winner!  Ainsley LOVED this gentle puppy!  She didn't want us anywhere near the puppy--it was all hers in her mind!

We are not ready for a puppy--but if Ainsley was old enough to talk more, she may have sweet talked us into taking this adorable puppy home with us!

Wednesday, November 28

Bring on the Pizza!

Today we took Ainsley for her hearing aid appointment.    Every 4-6 months we get her hearing aid checked, parts up-dated (tubes), and check her ear bud.  While we waited, Dr. Shea put on a video for Ainsley.  I told Ainsley this morning we were going to see Shea her hearing doctor and she pointed to her ear right away!  She doesn't miss a beat!

Ainsley woke up this morning with a bad rash on her cheeks.  This happened a few weeks ago and I took her to a quick care clinic and they thought she was allergic to tomatoes!  Everything Ainsley eats has tomatoes in it!  She doesn't like mac and cheese, but if I put some tomato sauce on it, it would be gone in a second!   
We are going to a new pediatric doctor now and they have late hours, so we were able to have Ainsley seen at 6:30 pm.    The doctor said not to worry, she thought Ainsley just has very sensitive skin and it was just extremely dry. 
That was GREAT news!  Just more lotion on the cheeks and Ainsley can go back to enjoying all of her favorite pasta and pizza dishes!
Since Ryan and I both work at the university we drive in together.  Ainsley's daycare is just a few blocks from the university so we are all together in the morning and the evening.  Depending on how busy we are at work in the afternoon one of us might get to daycare first.  Earlier this week I got to daycare first and Ainsley said "daddy?".  Before I could answer her, Ainsley signed "driving".  The next day she did the same thing to Ryan, asked where I was and then guessed driving.  I thought that was too cute, Ainsley thinks that we drive around all day since she sees us driving in the morning and then at night to go home.  
At the Peds clinic they have chalkboards and plenty of books--so Ainsley was in heaven!

Tuesday, November 27

Santa & Dancing!

We are in full Christmas mode!  We put up Ainsley's tree in her room and broke out the Christmas bows!
Ainsley playing with her daddy!

Ainsley with her Papa Larry & Grammie before they headed back home to IL.  Ainsley loves her G & Papa.  She FaceTimed with them for the first time yesterday.  She was eating a snack at the time.  Once she finished her snack, she held up her bowl to the phone and said "more please" to her G & Papa!  She knows they will take care of her!
Saturday we took Ainsley to the Amana Colonies to see their Christmas Tree Barn and see Santa!
We told A it would be cold, and she signed "cold"!
Taking care of Minnie Mouse before we left for our mini-trip!
We were only in the Christmas tree barn for 10 minutes total--but Miss A was COLD!  She didn't have a smile to spare during this outing!

Not happy, but she tolerated Santa!
Santa offered to take a family photo with us!  He was SO nice!
Ainsley loves to say "hi" to baby Jesus.
Each tree was decorated so cute!  Here is A and me by a Highway 80 tree!
Notice Ainsley's smile is back!  We took her to a warm lunch at a great place in Amana!  Ainsley ate her weight in mashed potatoes! 

Sunday we dropped off a meal for our friends who just had a baby.  She was precious!  Since they live 30 minutes from us, we grabbed lunch before we headed home!  Balloons work magic with Ainsley!  She was so happy, and didn't let the balloon leave her side during dinner!
My sweet girl!
Ainsley at school today!  Her daily report said, "Ainsley had fun showing off her dance moves".  We love watching The Voice as a family and Ainsley loves dancing during the performances!  We may have an American Idol in the making!  I could see her being a little Carrie Underwood :)!

Have a great week!

Thursday, November 22


I am thankful for many things this year!  I'm thankful that God blessed us with a spunky, fun 2 year old!
I'm thankful Ainsley has a great relationship with her daddy.  These two love to have fun together!
I'm thankful that Ryan and I will be celebrating 12 years of marriage next month!  I'm thankful that through thick and thin we've always had each other!
I'm thankful we have a warm and safe place to call home.
I'm thankful for my family.  I talked with my dad and sister today--I love that we can facetime them and stay close even though we are many miles away!
I'm thankful for the memories I have of my mom.  Anytime I hear "Walking in Memphis" I think of  mom because we had one tape during a road trip to Florida and every 10th song we sang that!  It came on the radio yesterday and I just smiled knowing that she is always near.
I'm thankful that Ryan and I have jobs that we enjoy and feel a great purpose for.  Wednesday night we went to the residence halls to help out with a Thanksgiving meal for students who weren't able to travel home for the holiday.
I'm thankful that little miss loves people!
Ainsley went up to several students and "talked".  She is such a joy!
I'm thankful for the hope we have in Jesus!  Every time we go to Costco Ainsley always goes over to kiss baby Jesus.  
I'm thankful that we always have plenty to eat.  Ainsley was giving the Quaker Oats man a kiss at the store the other day, oh my! 
I'm thankful that we had company this Thanksgiving--Ryan's parents came to visit us today! 
I'm thankful Ainsley has a warm, comfy bed.  Ainsley took a good nap after lunch today!
I'm thankful we have great neighbors!
We decorated for Christmas this week!
I'm thankful for my mother-in-law, Linda and father-in-law, Larry.  I lucked out in the in-law department!   They both love Ainsley SO much.  Ainsley loves her grammie--she has enjoyed snuggling with her tonight watching The Muppets!
Playing with papa Larry.
I'm thankful for my niece and nephew--Brock & Ava--can't wait to see you at Christmas!
I'm thankful for siblings!  I love my sister and can't wait to see her next month!  I'm thankful for my bother-in-law Graig & Tim and sister-in-law Jenny! 
I'm thankful I had help putting up the tree tonight!  This was the first year Ainsley helped us to fluffy the tree! 

Finished product!
Hope you all had a great thanksgiving with your family!