Monday, March 30

Making a difference one student at a time...

One of the main objectives of my new job at Iowa was to create a tutoring program for our 5,500 residential students. The tutoring program started in September 2008 and this week I am making the rounds to all 3 tutoring sites to evaluate the tutors and the overall program. This makes for a LONG week of late nights...the centers are open 8-10 pm (Sun-Thur)---but tonight it was all worth it! As I was observing one of the tutoring centers tonight and watching my four tutors each work with individual or small groups of students it hit me...if this service didn't exist, where would these students find the help they were looking for? As I listened and watched my tutors explain Chemistry II concepts, proof a paper, explain Calc for Business and Biology II problems I realized what an impact they are having on student's lives! Each of the tutors in their own way were helping to guide the students to a greater understanding of the material and had an open conversation about up-coming exams, quizzes, etc. It was very encouraging to see a program go from a concept on paper this summer when I was hired to a vibrant tutoring center with students seeking academic help!

Thursday, March 26

Be still...

I've been watching the news this week--morning news, evening news and it is mighty depressing! I think that it is good to stay informed, but I have felt very innodated this week with the sad news of the economy, flooding in MN & ND, etc. So this evening after work--Ryan was hosting a director candidate for dinner--so he was out on the I made myself a quick dinner (salad and shells and cheese--very good) and then went for a walk to get some fresh air and re-focus.

Even though it was a little chilly, I heard some beautiful birds chirping--listened to some great music on my i-pod and got some much needed exercize and a clear focus! I was reminded half-way during my walk of the scripture that says "Be still and know that I am God" -Psalm 46:10. Through all of the busyness, fear, worry and stress of this time I hope you too can take a few minutes to rest in the fact that God is in control and we can truly rest in that promise that He is in control.

Here are a few pictures from my walk--

Throught this was a beautiful pine tree in one of the local parks I passed.

Me in my office after my walk--blogging! I went to my tutoring centers to up-date the weekly schedules and some of the students didn't recognize me in my work-out gear! I love these new headbands--keeps my hair back, got them at Target!

I noticed today the grass is turning GREEN--yeah!

A beautiful picture of the river at sun set as I was wrapping up my walk---dad, please note I was not walking at night in the dark--so no need to worry :)!

Wednesday, March 25

Extra, extra READ all about it!

My students in my leadership course were featured in the local paper for their service project at a local elementary school. I am so pround of them! We wrap up their reading with a pizza party at the school next week and they are going to use the remainder of their $1,000 funds provided by St. Farm to purchase a year subscription to Time for Kids for the 5th and 6th grade class.

Friday, March 20

Happy 7th Birthday Ava!

Yesterday was my niece's birthday, Ava! Isn't she so cute--her mom said she is picking out her own clothes for school now. She is so smart and a talented gymnast and cheerleader! Love you Ava!

Thursday, March 19

Hour power walks

I have never been consistent with exercize, but for the past two weeks I have been working out and more importantly wanting to! I have been doing daily walks and 30 min video for strength training 3-4 times a week. I feel like I have more energy, so I hope to keep it up.

This week I am thankful that I have been able to catch up with friends and colleagues while walking. Monday, I met my friend Noel for a 1 hour power walk and talk. We had the best time catching up and getting some much needed fresh air and sunshine. Tuesday night Ryan and I went for a 1 hour walk--to the post office and then circled downtown for a walk (I took this beautiful picture of the capitol--which is downtown). Last night I went on a walk right after work with two of my colleagues--which was an hour and we all had a good time walking and talking.

I am trying to pack my tennis shoes every day so I am on the ready for walks if I get a break in the day. I find that walking is good exercize, and I also enjoy catching up with friends or co-workers as we walk!

Have a great day!

Friday, March 13

Birthday dinner

Last night we went to a birthday party dinner for a co-worker. He choose this great new restaurant Blackstone! It was great and we all had a good time with good food and good friends. And yours truly forgot to take photos (again), so here is a picture from their website. I just loved the stonework!

Today begins spring break for the students--so they are excited for some time at home to rest!

Thursday, March 12

Mom & Wisconsin

Hello! It has been a long time since my last post—my mom recently had a stoke while I was at the recruitment conference in Wisconsin, so the following week/weekend I traveled to see her and care for her. Mom is doing well, just going to need some time to recover and find out what supports are available for her. My sister, Angie is traveling to be with my mom this Friday-next week. I am grateful that Angie is able to help mom this week. And mom is grateful too!

Here are some photos of our recruitment trip—we met many wonderful candidates who were interested in working at Iowa and we got to catch up with so many of our former graduate school classmates. I saw my friend Katie from graduate school at the conference. She is working at a university in Colorado and I hadn’t seen her since graduation 5 years ago! I forgot to take a picture L!