Sunday, November 29


Saturday morning we took my dad to the airport!
We had fun this week!
We've always wanted to check out the Gaylor Texan Christmas decorations and the Ice display!

It was beautiful!

I was standing in line to buy tickets and a family gave us 3 free tickets!! Saved us $80! What a blessing!
It was 9 degrees in the exhibit!
This was all made of ice!
The ice manger scene was breathtaking!

They had a place where you could decorate snowmen!
Ains loved this!!

Look at all of those candy decoration!
The after...Ainsley's cookie is on the right. She decorated and then ate the candies!
A fun family day!

Saturday, November 28

Dad's Visit

My dad came to visit for the week!
Sunday we took a walk on campus-it was so sunny!

A quick trip to the boot store.
And the mall!

Ains had her thyroid ultrasound on Wednesday and the dr said her's is in the upper range of normal-good news!
Ains loves to try to make the "sad ladies" smile.
She called this one her "sister".

Thanksgiving lunch-these two have a lot of fun together!

Our $15 tree we bought 15 years ago :). Every year we say we are going to get a new one...but it always seems to do.
We started decorating...

Thursday night shopping at Target! We wanted to get out of the house for some fun!

We bought some luggage!
Saying goodbye to dad before his flight!
My matching girl!!

Friday, November 20

Go Lady Bears!!

We took Ains to the women's basketball game Thursday night!

She loved it!!

The fans behind us won a free pizza and gave Ains a slice. A kind man in our same row caught a free tshirt and gave it to Ains. She thought it was the BEST night ever!