Sunday, August 27

Pray for TX

Please pray for TX and donate to the relief efforts if you are able (Red Cross, etc). It is heartbreaking knowing we have some many of our students, staff and faculty who have family in the affected area. We are just 3-4 hours North of the affected area. We've been getting lots of rain but nothing compared to the gulf.

Saturday night in the rain we ventured out to have a fun night with friends from our life group at church. Ainsley and I made dirt dessert for the kids!!

Ainsley got to spend the night!! Her first sleep over!! She was thrilled beyond words!! 

When I left around 9:45 pm they were still going strong making popcorn for a movie night!

A great sleepover success! The sweet family brought the kids to church I hope they got some sleep today!! Ainsley took a BIG nap this afternoon!!

Ryan and I are helping to teach the 1st graders this fall at church! Ains is in our group and we enjoyed getting to know the kids today! We had a fun carnival to kick off the school year!!! The kids had a lot of fun today which was our main goal! Ainsley loved the carnival cotton candy at the end :)! 

Saturday, August 26


Ainsley helped with move in for our first generation college student program mid-August!

We have a wonderful new President-the first woman President at Baylor! She spoke to the first gen students and parents at move in!

Ainsley did a mic check for her!

All is ready for President Livingstone!

Ainsley and Cohen with President Livingstone! Ainsley was thrilled!!

They needed more chaperones for the overnight student retreat at the last minute so Ainsley and I headed to Dallas to help out!

75 first gen students starting their college journey! So exciting for them and Ainsley was over the moon she got to hang out with them AND sleep in a cabin!

Late night workout at the retreat center! She was trying to keep up with the college students!

Asleep a little before midnight! We had to leave at 6 am the next morning because I was leading a faculty workshop so we were both exhausted but had fun!!

In other news, Ainsley learned how to play battle ship!

A and R painted a Tangled theme on her playhouse!

This girl-we just love her!!!

Next up! All about Ainsley's first day of 1st grade! 

Tuesday, August 8

Life Lately

Life for two student affairs folks at this time of year is CRAzy!! Ainsley had a "girls night" with me tonight which was Chick-fil-a in my office and she watched Netflix while I worked. She loved it!! And I got so much done-we are likely going to repeat that girls night again soon-so much to do!

My dad sent Ainsleythese great school supplies! Thanks dad!!

We went to Austin several weekends ago! It was a good fun get-a-way!!

Target run!

No Ains, we don't need a taco piƱata!

Ainsley took my phone when we were house hunting!

Steel City pops!

Working late with mom!

Helping dad clean the play set!

School supply shopping!

Haircut! With a fun pink stripe that lasted one day!

Ryan brought me cupcakes at work for my birthday!

Physical therapy!

She loves it!

Ainsley did a hearing class at Baylor in July! They made her this sweet book!

New physical therapy fun at home!

Have a great week!