Wednesday, November 30

Family Visit!

Before we left for our family vacation, we bought a new was a family experience!  We got a great deal during the signing process because Ainsley was screaming and tired!  Thanks Ainsley for helping us to get a great deal and a new honda bear!
Ainsley enjoying her new view in the car on the way to Illinois!
We first visited Ryan's family!  We enjoyed seeing Larry & Linda....Ryan was sick with the flu for two days and miss Ainsley caught a little of it too (that is why we don't have many pictures of our IL visit)!  We'll have to visit again soon when we are all feeling better! 
Feeling a little better and ready to travel to St. Louis! 
Ticklish knees!
New slippers from Grammie and Grandpa!
Worn out from travel!
Papa Bob & Ainsley at the Spagatti Factory! 
Eating breakfast at the hotel!  
Getting her daily workout in the hotel hallway!
Her singing elephant kept her company on the trip!
A new warm LL Bean coat from Sabrina--THANKS so much Sabrina!
We treated ourselves to mani/pedis on Monday night!  Dad just joined us to talk, he didn't get his nails done :)!
Just like her daddy--she loves jeeps!
Hot pink and sparkley!
We added a dollar to this car and when it started we realized it moved too fast for Ainsley--the sign said for "3 years and up"...oops, we just held her as she watched the car move!

More pictures of our family trip to come!

Monday, November 21

Happy Monday!

Eating pudding for the first time, by herself!!

Saturday, November 19

Trip to the mall!

Friday night we went to the mall to grab dinner and have some fun! 
Driving a truck! 
Enjoying some light reading!
She is enjoying "reading" more and more!


We were all so excited it was Saturday!  We had to head out for a little fun!
At one of the stores Ainsley found her own shopping cart!
After lunch at Steak n Shake we had to do a little spinning on the bar stools!
Ainsley has been taking 3 hour naps at day care!  I was going to decorate during her nap today--but she was up in only 45 minutes!
I've been decorating while chasing Ainsley!
And working on the to do list!
I love having our Christmas decorations up....little, by little our house will be decorated for Christmas!

Thursday, November 17

Nests, Red Lobster, & Hair Pulling

Today when we were getting in the truck to go to work we noticed there were Kleenexes everywhere and cheeroies leading up to the engine compartment.  Ryan and I freaked out and realized there was an animal in our truck!   
Poor Ainsley was in her car seat as her crazy mom and dad were running around the truck trying to figure out what to do.  We made it to work and Ryan took the truck to the chevy dealer—we had TWO nests in our engine!!!  Icky!!!  They took our dash board apart to find the nests—they did such a great job looking the truck over they found one of Ainsley’s lost shoes and binkeys!  

This weekend, we are going to put locks on our cabinets….our little miss is into everything these days!
We celebrated making it through that ordeal at Red Lobster.  Ainsley is in LOVE with the rolls there—I think she ate three of them tonight!
Ainsley is in an anti-bow stage!  HA!  Hope she gets over this soon! 
Loving the Red Lobster rolls! 
What...ALL gone! 
More please!
Ainsley’s report card today said… "Ainsley had a great morning.  She pulled a chunk of one of her friend's hair out today.  We painted turkeys…”  WHAT!!!  We thought it was interesting that her teachers just threw in that constructive comment so randomly, like it was normal!  We really hope this isn’t a trend!  Oh my!
Little miss--all full!

Saturday, November 12


If I had three wishes, one would definitely be for health for my little miss!  This picture was taken right before Ainsley got her 1 year old shots on Tuesday!
These 1 year old shots hit her hard this week--she started to feel icky Thursday evening and started running a 102 temp Friday afternoon.
Thursday going to school!
She was a little fussy--so mama's purse kept her happy on the way to school!
Thursday night we had a fall festival at Ainsley's school!
A quick picture with daddy! 
Today I ran my first race (the Turkey Trot) with Sarah & Beth!  They were great running buddies!
Ainsley and Ryan came to cheer us on!  Here we are post race--Beth was such a BIG motivator during the race.  She kept us running for most of the race!!
Quick picture of some goodies we got Ainsley today with her helmet incentive from her grandpa Bob--thanks dad!  We also bought her a gate for the stairs--she is up the stairs before we know it!

Ainsley was running a 102 temp again this evening, so we are going to take it easy tomorrow and hope she feels better soon.  We want our happy, active baby back to 100% asap!

Wednesday, November 9

I-phone photos!

Helping mama bake!
All dressed and ready to pick up daddy after the game!

Ainsley was in awe of Ryan's yellow hands! 
This girl has so much fun with her daddy!
We found out recently her knees are really ticklish!
Eating some fresh baked pumpkin bread!
Good night!