Friday, August 30

Duggar's in Iowa!!

Thursday we got Ainsley's blood work done because we thought her thryoid numbers were off because she hasn't been falling asleep until 10:30 pm.
Her thryoid numbers were perfect so we've been putting our foot down at bedtime and she's been asleep by 9 ish each night. It's progress. Her CK level was 301-which is elevated but lower than May which is great.
Little miss likes to pretend with make-up! She is growing up!

Ainsley's Friday treat!

Ryan heard the Duggar's were downtown Friday so we drove by and I saw them-I started screaming!! Thankfully  we were in the car!! I get so star struck (even with local tv folks) so I was just beside myself to see a TLC star!! We parked quick and I ran into Michelle Duggar as she was walking back to the bus. She was SO nice-just so down to earth! Ryan and I made a pack after this photo-always take 3 pictures if we are with a celebrity-poor Ains was mid-bite in this photo!
A and R like to make funny faces these days!
My sweet girl still loves sour lemons!
We like to make funny faces too!

This morning we had a play date with one of Ainsley's classmates, Lily.

They had SO much fun!
After playing we grabbed some lunch!
This was so precious-they held hands the whole way! I'm sure this will be one of the many trips we make to the mall in the years ahead to hang out with friends!

Thursday, August 29

Special delivery

Ainsley was SO excited that she got a special delivery in the mail yesterday from her Papa Bob!  She loves to get the mail with us and she was so good to wait until we got home to open it!

Can you tell how happy she was?!

THANKS Dad!  Ainsley was thrilled!

She named everyone on the bowl and plate!

She is going to want to check the mail everyday now to see if she has a package!  Thanks again dad!

Sunday, August 25

Pancakes and Prizes!

It has been fun hanging out with Ryan's mom and dad this weekend--Saturday morning we went out for pancakes and then a walk to the pond!

Ainsley loves walking on the rocks.

A fun Satruday morning.

Our little rock climber!

Ainsley loves playing with her daddy.

I love this sweet picture of them.

Saturday afternoon Ryan and I ran into work the prize patrol.  We asked Iowa trivia questions and if students got it right they got a prize.  I would give some students 3 questions and if they kept getting them wrong, I would say for the 4th question "what are our school colors?" and they would light up and say "black and gold"!  We did a little educating on Iowa and the best part was we got to talk with many, many students about their first few days on campus....lots of excitement mixed in with nerves. 

After prize patrol, we ran over to do children's check in for the downtown Grace church, then back to work for a few hours and we had a late dinner!  We learned there is no wait at Texas Road House at 9 pm :)! 

Saturday, August 24

Welcoming new Hawkeyes!

I am missing this sweet girl this week.  Ryan and I have been busy, busy with work--so we have to enjoy the time we do get to spend with Ainsley this week.  She has loved hanging out with her grammie this week--so my heart is happy that she has been well loved this week in the midst of all of the busyness!

Thursday night we ate dinner at the mall and then watched the Iowa cheerleaders and dance team perform!

I forgot what was happening here, but little miss doesn't look too happy!

She got over that quick and was ready for fun!

Balancing on a tree branch!

Ainsley was laughing so hard!

Ready to jump!

Ainsley, me and Linda!

She was glad daddy was there to help!

A big leap!

Ainsley had the BEST time watching the cheer and dance team!  She was front and center!

Our future cheerleader!

She joined in!

Herkey came over to give Ainsley a high five!

I'm so glad we went-it was a fun night!

Friday night we were at Kinnick field--Ryan with the first-years and I helped with a transfer student event in the press box.

We had a GREAT view!

I am thankful to work with amazing people who are committed to the success of our UI students!

After the dinner--I joined in the fun on the field!

I also ran into this great guy!

It has been a busy, but fun week!  We are ready to get some rest and get into a fall routine!