Tuesday, July 30

Round & Round and Shower!

Ainsley tried out a merry-go-round for the first time when we were in IL the other day.  She LOVED it!

Saturday morning we threw a baby shower for Ryan's brother and his wife, Jenny (on right)!  She is a beautiful mom to be!

Dad-to-be trying on his new baby tool belt!

My mother-in-law (Linda) and sister-in-law (Jenny)--two great ladies!

Ryan's cousin, Kris, and her two beautiful girls!!  I think this is such a great picture of them!

We are all so happy for Tim & Jenny to become parents in October!

My MIL and her teacher/church friends.  I think it is SO great this group of ladies join us for all of the wedding/baby showers for the family!

Saturday, July 27

Weekend fun

This weekend we traveled to IL to help host a baby shower for Ryan's brother Tim and his wife, Jenny. We stopped on Friday at Bass Pro so Ainsley could run around and see the fish and bears-she loves that place!!

She saw people in the store with ice cream cones and she wanted some! The line was too long so we promised her we'd get some ice cream on the road.
She was SO confused when we gave her a shake. She was crying asking for ice cream and we said trust us and try it! She loved it! Her first shake!
We met Ryan's family for dinner-she was so excited to see them!
Saturday morning we decorated for the shower-Ainsley helped carry the decorations!

Love this picture of them!

The shower was at the library-they have the most beautiful library! Ainsley loved it-the librarians didn't love it when Ainsley threw a fit before we left and slammed a door. We quickly left and I apologized as we were running out the door-Ains was giggling all the way. Note to self: read parenting books about having a strong willed child!

When I got home from the shower and went to check on Ainsley I found she had a party with her friends this afternoon too!  She is a keeper!

Tuesday, July 23

Growing up

Oh my, I look at these pictures of Ainsley and think-when did she get so big!
She is now 3 feet tall and 30+lbs!

Tuesday we went to the physical therapist and she thought Ains was doing great! More inserts for her growing feet and next eval when she turns 3! Great news!
We celebrates with a trip to the mall and new shoes for A-thanks dad!

Pure joy!!


I try to be thankful for the small and big things in life and this week we had both to be thankful for. I was thankful the hospital shuttle lady offered us a ride to Ainsley's heart test. We totally could have walked, but Ains is always asking to ride it! I'm thankful my dad came to visit and could help me at the hospital Monday morning.
I'm thankful Ains didn't need to be sedated! Two suckers and some tv kept her happy as they got almost 100 images of her heart.
I'm thankful her doctor called two hours after the test and said the initial results look great!!!
I'm thankful that later on Monday afternoon we found out from our genetics department that Ryan has the same missing chromosomes as Ainsley!! They are like two peas in a pod!!
I'm thankful that Ryan made it safely back from his conference in Texas!
And the small things...I actually said "thank you God for the person who created M and Ms" on Tuesday when I took Ains back to the doctor for a re-check of her ears. She was so fussy afterward and I found a bag of M and Ms in the diaper bag that made her so happy...and made me thankful for whoever had the great idea to create them! All in all, lots to celebrate!!

Monday, July 22