Monday, October 29

Thankful for the Day

Friday night we took our little miss to Family Fun Night at the mall!  Free fun!
Part of the Friday Fun was at the Children's Museum!  Ainsley LOVES this place!

Ainsley spent at least 10 minutes in the train room--she LOVES trains!

Ainsley playing pretend waitress at a play pizza place!

Ainsley was SO hungry after playing, so we got some ice cream.  She is such a big girl now, she gets her very own ice cream! 

We wrapped up the night by watching the ice skaters!

This weekend, I tried to take some good pictures for our Christmas card.  This was a trial run--Ainsley was on the GO!  Here are some outtakes!

Sunday afternoon, we got bundled up and went for a walk at a local state park.  It was a perfect fall day--a little chilly!
Ryan and I wore our Wade Lowery "Thankful for the Day" t-shirts.  Wade was a good friend of Ryan's growing up and he was our minister when we got married 12 years ago.  Wade passed away suddenly last May.  He was the same age as Ryan.  It was a complete shock to all who knew and loved him.  Wade was such an amazing guy.  His last facebook post before he passed away was very simple, but so beautifully described the way he lived his life.  He simply wrote, "Thankful for the Day".  I am thankful to have this small way to remember the life that Wade lived.

Saturday, October 27

Just the Two of Us

Earlier this week Ryan had a Big 10 Housing conference at work, so it was just me and A in the evenings Mon-Wed.  We had a fun shopping night on Monday.  Anytime Ainsley hears a loud sound she will point to her ear to let us know she hears it.  She always points first to our hearing aid ear and then to her left ear--too sweet!
Ainsley was saying "ah" and making her chicken fly like an airplane!

Some Wal-Mart shopping!  I picked up our Halloween candy and got a box of ring pops.  We broke those open within 2 minutes of being there.  It worked like a DREAM!  I was able to get some much needed shopping done!  I'm going to keep one of these in the diaper bag in case of emergency--ha!

Tuesday it was almost 80 here!  I had to find a summer outfit.  Here dress was more like a shirt--she is getting SO tall!

Wednesday night Ryan needed to work until 7 ish, so Ainsley and I grabbed a bite to eat while we were waiting on Ryan.  Ainsley had her very own salsa bowl--she was in heaven!  

Thursday it was back to cold, cold here in Iowa--so we broke out the winter vest!

I enjoyed my special time with my little miss this week, but we were glad to have some special time with Ryan this weekend. We went to family fun night at the mall last night, so I'll post those pictures tomorrow :)!

Sunday, October 21

Pumpkin Patch!

We have enjoyed our visit with Larry & Linda this weekend!  Little miss is going to miss them! 
We took L & L to a pumpkin patch this afternoon.  Ryan made me promise not to buy any pumpkins since we have 100 on our front porch.  I did good and didn't bring any new pumpkins home!
This girl loves her Grammie & PaPa, she wanted to run and play in the corn here! 

Watching the fun!

Ainsley let me paint her toes this weekend, she was so proud of them!
On the way home, we stopped at a local playground.  Ainsley got lots of fresh air this weekend and lots of love from G & PaPa!