Monday, July 20

Cars, Roses, and Ruffels

This weekend I did a lot of resting--I am recovering from a cold! Thankfully my cough is almost gone! We were on our way to a movie (Harry Potter) when Ryan saw this car show at the stadium by our house--we of course had to stop and check out the cars. We didn't make it to the movie--maybe next weekend!

Here is Ryan walking to the car show--he couldn't get there fast enough!!

Here was one of my favorites--a Hawkeye car!

Some old classics!

Our local store is having a sale on roses--I got these beautiful roses for just $6!! I love the hot pink ones!

Here is me today waiting at the bus stop--I had to take a picture of my new ruffled shirt. Got it at target! I just love the color! I got a few looks when I was taking this--people probably thought I was a little crazy taking a photo of myself!

Well, I'm off to cook dinner--pork chops, and asparagus!

Saturday, July 18

July up-date

Wow! I logged on today and realized I hadn't posted anything in a month!! Well here are some up-dates--this summer is just flying by.

No post would be complete without a close up--this is us last weekend as we were going out to do some errands in town!

July 4th! We had a BBQ with our friends--lots of great food and then watched the fireworks. We had such a great view for them--they were right over our heads--here is one of the pictures I took that night!

Ryan's parents came to visit us in early July--we love visitors! We had the best time--we had a picnic at the local state park (and Larry got to fly fish a bit). We had a great time catching up and did a lot of cooking together--which was a lot of fun! Here is Larry and Linda!

I got to take Ryan's parents on a picnic--and he took them to Best Buy--no trip would be complete without that!

No trip is complete without a visit to our local Texas Road House--we ate here before the Cohenour's headed home.

Last weekend one of Ryan's graduate school friends got married! The wedding was held at their undergrad university in Iowa--it was beautiful and very touching! We were able to catch up with many of our friends from our Western IL University days--we took a WIU picture but our camera phones just didn't cut it--here are a couple of pictures from the wedding. Ryan--having a good time catching up with friends.

The groom and groomsmen all wore chuck taylor shoes--very them! It was so personalized! The minister joked that it was the most comfortable wedding he had ever performed (he also had chuck taylor shoes on). What a great gift to give the groomsmen and minister!

I am going to try to up-date my blog more frequently--hope your summer is going well!