Wednesday, December 31


This afternoon I got my haircut. I always seem to wait to the last minute to make a hair apt and then when my hair is driving me crazy, I go to the first place that is open to get my haircut. In November when I did this, the stylist thinned out my hair (a bit too much) and it looked unhealthy and she charged me $10 to use a straightening iron to style my hair on top of the styling charge...I was a bit taken back by the final price. Anyway, today my wonderful stylist (at a different salon) fixed my hair and I love it. I vow to make appointments earlier to stay ahead of my crazy hair (at times it has a mind of its own). I added a before and after. Before--curly, I put my hot rollers in this morning. After, straight--I can never seem to make it this straight when I style it myself.

Three posts in one day--thought I would kick off the blog with a bit of writing today. After this, probably just one post per day :), my life isn't that exciting :)!

My favorite Christmas things!

Thought I would share some of my favorite Christmas presents/items with you! My favorite Christmas gift was having our family to our home to celebrate. Ryan's parents and brother and my dad were able to come up to visit us for Christmas! We were a bit cozy in our little apartment (my husband is a hall director of a freshman residence hall--so we have a one bedroom apartment in the residence halls). It is tiny, but home for now! We were also able to visit my mom in the St. Louis area after Christmas to celebrate the holidays and her birthday--she is a Christmas baby!

Here are a few of my favorite Christmas things:
1. Large orange sled--my dad got this for Ryan and me. I told him a story about how my sister and I used a trash bag as a sled when we were kids for a time (my mom was very creative and thrify as we were growing up). He insisted on getting this sled for us and it was a lot of fun. I went sledding twice and thank the Lord my mother in law was not hurt when she went down the hill backwards and slammed into a tree. She was a trooper, after checking to make sure nothing was broke--she was up the hill again sledding!

2. The Shark--a cordless vaccume cleaner. My favorite Christmas gift this year from my husband. He knows I am a clean freak!!! I love it, it works so well and is fairly quite so I was albe to "shark" during the holidays while our guests were here--they even helped when we spilled instant mashed potato flakes all over the carpet. It works like a charm!!

3. Hard Christmas candy--always a favorite!

4. Bath and Body Cashmere Lotion--smells great and is very rich for this dry season of winter!

5. Year notepads--A gift from my in-laws (Larry & Linda)--most likely Linda picked it out. They know me so well, I love making lists and taking notes. One for each month!!

6. Jewlery from my sister--in silver. Love the ear rings and necklace! Thanks Ang!!

7. Basket of cards--I LOVE Christmas cards. I display them with clothes pins on a pretty Christmas ribbon attached to doors in our home. I already took them down after Christmas--but couldn't resist putting them in this photo. I think Christmas cards with nice notes is a lost art!

Hope you enjoyed these favorite Christmas treats!

Hello Blog World!

Hello Blog World! After many phone calls with my sister, I have decided to join the blogging world! I always enjoy reading my sister's blog (Brock & Ava) so I realized I need to embrace this new form of connection/communication. Since I only have two more days of vacation before I am back at work on Friday, I thought today was the perfect time to get the ball rolling! A special thanks to Angie for helping me find a cute background and walked me through the set up over the phone! I always seem to drag my feet a bit with each new technology--facebook (my students encouraged me to learn) and text messaging (still use this only a bit)!

I can't promise every post will bring exciting news, but I do hope that it helps me to connect with family and friends and to meet new blogging friends.

About the title of my blog--Extension of Grace...there are a couple of reasons I chose this title. 1) During a very difficult time in our lives several years ago, the ministry that my husband was involved in was ripped out of our lives and at that exact moment, I typed the following word into my cell phone main screen "Grace". Because every call that I received for the couple of weeks surrounding that dark time was difficult to bear--so I prayed for God's Grace to handle that difficult time. And on a lighter note--reason #2...I have always dreamed of winning the lottery and starting a non-profit ministry called Extension of Grace that will extend God's grace to current and future leaders in God's work--missionaries and ministers--by providing retreat and renewal opportunities. While I have not yet won the lottery--I buy one ticket a week (there is a drawing tonight--so my fingers are crossed). I think my husband is tried of me talking about this idea--so one day he said, why don't you start this idea/ministry now in case you don't win the lottery (a reality check for me)! I am taking that challenge and looking for ways that I can encourage those around me and in the ministry…..I hope this blog will be an encouragement to those who read it!