Saturday, July 31

Weekend fun

This weekend, Ryan's mom and dad (Larry & Linda) came to visit. We did a lot of shopping, eating out and relaxing. Here are some of our highlights from this weekend.

We took a trip on Saturday to the Amana colonies--great shopping and wonderful food (family style)!

Larry & Linda at lunch!

Me & Ryan at lunch!

Fun craft shops!

One of the shops had their Christmas decorations out--it was so beautiful!

We have a local store called--Stuff, etc which is a re-sale shop. I love taking our things there that we no longer need and get a little pocket change.

Here are the winter clothes that I recently went through and got rid of things we no longer wear.

Linda helped me to take in some stuff in today since I cleaned out our closets recently and we found these great outfits for our little girl. They are all used--but were 50-80% off the sale prices--so many of these dresses were just $2! What a great deal!!

Ryan's grandma (Della) had sent along some money for us to buy something for our little girl--so we were able to get several outfits for a great price ($15--I love bargain shopping)! Thanks Grandma Della!

Can a girl have too many dresses? Not at these prices!

I love this strawberry outfit--hope she likes strawberries as much as I did as a little girl!

I washed all of the clothes when I got them home--this is a picture (in our laundry room) of her new jean jacket for fall! So cute and tiny!

Tonight Linda and I went to get a manicure (thanks dad--I used some of my birthday money that you sent!). On my hand (hand on the left) you will notice my "bling, bling baby ring"--translation=my wedding ring no longer fits, but I found a great stand in (fake of course) at Pennnys for $7! I get lots of compliments on it and most of the time I explain it is my bling, bling baby ring--makes people laugh a bit :)!

We've had a great visit with the Cohenours and its hard to believe the next time we see them our little girl will be here!

Thursday, July 29

The county fair!

Last night, Ryan and I hosted an outing on the "town" for the staff--since we have so many new staff members! We chose to take everyone to the Johnson County Fair--we had a great group 14 total! We definitely pumped some money into the local economy with all of our fair food purchases! I am amazed how many fried foods my co-workers can eat! I had a corn dog and nachos (no pictures because I ate them very fast)! Ryan had a turkey leg (it was huge)!

Two of our brave co-workers (Alandis & Amy) rode the bullet--they had a huge cheering section!

We also saw the dairy cows and watch the talent show--a great night at the country fair!!

Wednesday, July 28

EIU pride

Yesterday, I got this great gift in the mail from my dad (thanks dad)!! A great set of pink overalls from Eastern IL University! They are so cute. EIU has a special place in my heart because my whole family went there--my dad, mom, sister, me, my husband and brother-in-law! Thanks again dad! She'll be able to wear these this spring!

Sunday, July 25

Info Overload

Today Ryan and I attended our Caring for Newborns class at the hospital. The teacher was excellent--very informative and down to earth. We lucked out because she actually coordinates the overall education program--so she was the best of the best! After 4+ hours of info--we were on info overload! We made a big list of things that she recommended to get for bathing and general infant care. Here I am before class!

Friday, July 23


This week, Ryan and I started our birthing classes at the hospital! We go once a week for the next three weeks. We learned a lot and I asked lots of questions (even though no one else in the class did)!!! At one point, Ryan said, "slow down on the questions"!

I found some great deals this week on baby clothes--I started buying for 3 mo, 6 mo and 9 mo to spread out the cuteness!

Here are a few of the cute clothes I found!

I've been wanting to buy this cute cheerleading outfit for a while! She'll be able to wear it this fall for the games (which we'll probably watch at home)!

A cute 4th of July outfit and summer outfit! These were both on 70% off sales!

Outfits for spring (also at 70% off)--I love this O'Kosh jean dress!

I'm making some banana bread tonight--our whole house smells like bread!

Saturday, July 17

Nursery & Baby Shower

Last weekend, Ryan and I traveled to IL to see our family and they threw us a beautiful baby shower! We were so glad to spend time with the hotel around the pool, ordering bread sticks late at night, visiting my dad and Vicki's new farm, and of course trips to Target and Wal-Mart!

Here are some photos of the shower--Ryan's mom Linda & Angie were so thoughtful in their planning of the shower--we were so thankful for all of their hard work!

Ryan's mom handmade these special dolls and everyone guessed our baby girl's arrival date, weight, etc!

My sister is so creative--the beautiful candy bar she created!


Anika and my niece Ava--it was so fun to hang out with these girls! They were all too fun and sweet!

Linda and her sweet teacher friends!

Both of Ryan's grandmas were able to join us for the shower!

We had fun putting everything away in her nursery!

Ryan put these organizational cubes together this weekend--we just need to pick up a couple more pink and brown organizer boxes!

This was a boat my dad found at a craft store when we were shopping last weekend--I painted it pink and it matches perfectly! Angie--I put the hopes, memories and dreams on this card ring--this was such a great keepsake from the shower--thanks!

Dad--the rocker fits perfectly in the room! Thanks again!

A basket full of bows!

Have a great weekend!

Monday, July 5

Nursery--round one!

This weekend, Ryan and I worked on the nursery! Ryan spent over 4 hours working on putting the crib together (thanks Ryan and to Larry & Linda for the crib!)! We love how the bedding matches!

A peaceful tree!

Some decorations for her wall!

This is a boat that Ryan got me for Christmas while we were dating. I painted the edges pink (it was formerly green) and added in my mom's angel collection.

A futon for guests to come and visit!

And finally--an early birthday gift from Ryan. My feet have been hurting from a lot of walking in flip flops. These are much more comfy and easy to put on (much easier then tennis shoes these days)!

Saturday, July 3

27 Weeks

We are so thankful that we got a very health report at our check up appointment with Dr. Thoma this week! Our baby girl is healthy and growing! We are now at 27 weeks and 1 day!

We are also thankful for the weekend! Work has been busy--so we were ready to have some fun this weekend and relax! Today we we did some errands and worked around the house!

Some random up-dates...

I am trying to infuse some more natural cleaners into my supplies--I found this one at Target and it worked great today!

This week I had book club on Thursday night and Leslie hosted and had a smores bar and humus and pita chips! It was great and the discussion on The Women of Brewster place was also excellent! We are not normally humus snackers, but it was so good I got some for us to munch on!

I am so excited for our baby shower next weekend that my sister and mother-in-law (Linda) are hosting for us!

Some 4th of July treats I'm going to work on tomorrow for a party--cup cakes and iced tea!

I am working on presents for everyone for next weekend--I found some cute things for everyone!

This week, the department purchased some new furniture for our apartment. The bed is very comfortable--just a little high. Ryan had to buy me a step stool :)!

Our new couch and chair!

Next week at work my two new graduate students start training--I got them some fun welcome gifts!

Happy 4th!