Tuesday, February 28

Life lately

Life lately has been so busy! I recently got a promotion at work, my team expanded and life at home has been just as full! We've also been spring cleaning! I'm reading a new book about organizing so I tackled my closet a few weeks ago! Here's the before...
And after-much better! I forgot to take a pic of the other side of my closet, but it looks organized too ;)!
Little miss is in a growth spurt, she's eating everything in sight!
Valentine's Day!
Birthday party for one of Ainsley's sweet friends!
Notice Ainsley is the only on dressed in gymnastics clothes, this is normal. We've learned to let Ains be Ains and live life in her own fun way :)!
Ains helping me at work!
She worked on homework and I worked on presentations!
Helping a friend from church move-it was great to see the kids help too!
Reading homework! A loves to read and is loving school!
I'm in this new women's reading group at work. I was prepping for my Monday reading group and Ainsley wanted to know what I was doing so I read her the articles about gender equity at work. She wanted to know why we weren't winning over the "boys"-she may have competition in her top 5 strengths;)!
This week I move into a new office area at work so we stayed on campus until 9 pm to move some things into my new office. Ainsley LOvED it! And the new wagon (thanks dad) came in very handy!

Saturday, February 11

Care packages!

Ains received care packages from her Grammie Linda & Papa Larry this week!
She loves getting mail!!
She got another package from Papa Bob yesterday!
Some Disney goodies!
One more package arrived yesterday too!! Thankful for loving grandparents who brought a big smile to Ainsley this week with these fun care packages. We are also thankful that we leave for Florida in three weeks!!!


Thursday morning we traveled to Dallas for Ainsley's doctors appointments at Children's.
I'm always amazed how Ainsley takes all things medical in stride. Wednesday she had to get blood work and they tried one arm and got nothing so they tried the other and she said no! She explained that they had their chance ;). Ryan had to help and explain why the doctor needed her blood. She holds her own, but understands.
The nurse asked Ainsley some questions during her vitals check-what is your name, who is with you today, what is your birthday.....Ains was going great until it came to the year. The nurse said what is your birth year and Ains made a face which conveyed she thought the nurse had lost her mind, she said "every year"!!! We all had a good laugh!
Ainsley's thyroid blood work was in range so no dose change but her ultrasound showed an enlarged thyroid and hyper blood flow to the thyroid. The doctor said her normal blood work should prevent the thyroid from growing and "well that's highly unusual"....but she didn't dive into why that could be occurring. We are concerned because it means her brain is sending signals to the thyroid to work and therefore it is in overdrive trying to work but her thyroid doesn't function. We'll get the images and send them to Mayo. They thankfully have offered to review all of her images and calculate thyroid volume and give us their opinion. 
We miss Costco! While we were in Dallas we loaded up on a lot of things from Costco!
This was one of our finds! Cute little bags of popcorn shaped like carrots. We ate it is a snack on the way home :)!

Sunday, February 5


After lots of rest A is feeling better! We had to cancel our super bowl party because I didn't want our friends in our sickly house! 
I did take A with me to get a mani once we knew she was in the clear and feeling better Sunday night!
For kids they do a mani/pedi combo for a great price! This sweet girl has had a rough week, so we did a little pampering!
Ainsley enjoying her complementary beverage-a Capri sun ;)!
All done-she picked orange!
I sent Ry this picture to let him know we'd be late since we added in a pedi for Ainsley!
Such a cute place for birthday parties!

Saturday, February 4

On the mend

Ains got really weak at noon today-she could barely stand and kept throwing up so we took her to the quick care ER. She was having a very high pulse because she was so dehydrated. She vomited in the waiting room so they got us right in! They gave her Zofran and within 15 minutes she was all smiles and able to drink and keep fluids down. She finally ate this evening and so far so good! She gave us a scare!
Our sweet friends left this present for Ainsley on our front porch today-she loved it!!!
She was so excited! 
So thankful Ainsley is in the mend!!

Joy comes in the morning

January was a time of ups and downs for our family...mainly downs. I actually am writing this in the early morning hours since Ains has been up since 2 am throwing up :(.
Every day is a new day...
We just keep holding on and trusting that God is in control.
Here are some highlights of the past few weeks!
One Saturday when we were changing out rental cars A and I stopped for a quick treat!
Ains got her new hearing aid receivers thus week! Her teacher said it makes a huge difference in her understanding!
We hosted Clifford the class dog one weekend in January! Yes, Ainsley is in flip flops in January-one of the joys of living in TX.
After weeks of stressful things we went to the salon for some fun!
Ains loved the experience! 
This is what our dining room table looks like most days-we wash and pile all week and then fold on the weekends. I do our work clothes separate so they don't wrinkle...hoping to get laundry tackled this weekend :)!
Crazy sock day at Ainsley's school! 
It was elementary night at the high school basketball game last Friday! Ainsley had fun dancing along with the cheerleaders!
My last Diet Coke for a week! We are eating more natural-so the Diet Coke had to go!
Ainsley was teachers helper two week ago! She loved it!
Ainsley helped us with chores last Saturday!
We picked out her school Valentine's Day treats!
Family walk!
Healthy eating! We've still been juicing and really enjoy it for breakfast and dinner at times!
Our jeep being rebuilt! We get it back early this week-praise the Lord! I'm on the mend-I still have swelling in my neck from the whiplash so I continue to go to the chrio which helps.
Family night at school!
Fun activities!
Funny girl!
100th day of school costume-A was a 116 year old vampire girl....
I got a promotion at work so my supervisor surprised me with some cupcakes to celebrate!
Friday night shopping-I ran in to pick up some Clinique foundation and we left with a tent too! Ains fell in love with this and it was on super sale. When I said "I don't know Ainsley let's call dad to check on the money piece" (Ry was at Best Buy) she started saying with great conviction and very loud  "don't worry mom, if we don't have money we'll do a lemonade stand"!  I sent Ryan a pic of the tent and prepared him for set up! Ainsley slept in it this evening for a few hours before getting sick :(. Here's to brighter days ahead!