Tuesday, February 28

Life lately

Life lately has been so busy! I recently got a promotion at work, my team expanded and life at home has been just as full! We've also been spring cleaning! I'm reading a new book about organizing so I tackled my closet a few weeks ago! Here's the before...
And after-much better! I forgot to take a pic of the other side of my closet, but it looks organized too ;)!
Little miss is in a growth spurt, she's eating everything in sight!
Valentine's Day!
Birthday party for one of Ainsley's sweet friends!
Notice Ainsley is the only on dressed in gymnastics clothes, this is normal. We've learned to let Ains be Ains and live life in her own fun way :)!
Ains helping me at work!
She worked on homework and I worked on presentations!
Helping a friend from church move-it was great to see the kids help too!
Reading homework! A loves to read and is loving school!
I'm in this new women's reading group at work. I was prepping for my Monday reading group and Ainsley wanted to know what I was doing so I read her the articles about gender equity at work. She wanted to know why we weren't winning over the "boys"-she may have competition in her top 5 strengths;)!
This week I move into a new office area at work so we stayed on campus until 9 pm to move some things into my new office. Ainsley LOvED it! And the new wagon (thanks dad) came in very handy!

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