Thursday, October 31

Halloween Fun!

Ainsley wore this costume to her pre-k!

Ryan and Ainsley both dressed up for work/school today!
Ainsley and her friends got to trick or treat at school today! The kids had so much fun!

For trick or treating tonight Ryan pulled together some Duck Dynasty costumes!
I couldn't find Ainsley's trick or treat we used her Easter basket :).

She had a lot of fun!

Sunday, October 27

Sunday fun

This morning little miss helped us greet at church!
Then we did a little shopping...
And made one last visit to the pumpkin patch!

It was a beautiful day!

Saturday, October 26

Sleepy Hollow!

Ains was feeling a little better today so we got some fresh air and painted pumpkins!

We all matched today so we took a quick picture before heading out the door!
I love this sweet girl!
We took A to her first play today-Sleepy Hollow! She did great!! She got to pick out a special treat (skittles) and she laughed right along with the audience. She only got scared a couple of times.

On the way back home we went on a leaf hunt...we read a book about leaf hunts this morning and A was so excited to find leaves!

Lots of leaves!!

At the end of the walk Ainsley wanted some quiet time by the tree. When we walked close to her she put her hand out and said, "I need some space"! Ha! 
She's too funny!

Friday, October 25

Tummy bug

Our sweet girl has the tummy bug! It started Wednesday night and it was horrible. Ains was so scared every time she got sick. We did 7 loads of laundry that evening!
Thursday was a blur-we were all exhausted!
Ryan did send me this mid-day picture-we thought she was on the mend.
A kept crackers down so we gave her dinner last night.

I packed all of her school goodies last night thinking she was all better.
We all were asleep by 9 ish-I was SO thankful for a good night sleep!
This morning A woke up crying at 5:30 am and got sick again. My poor baby girl wants to be held and rest. 
We'll be watch lots of Doc McStuffins today and I'm getting good at typing with one hand while I snuggle Ainsley.