Tuesday, December 30

Dentist time

Today A and I had appointments at our dentist. We have been so lucky to find a great dentist!! It is a practice run by two brothers!
Ready for a check up!
I had to leave at this point due to my appointment, but Ryan said she wouldn't open her mouth for x-rays...
They did see some cavities :(, apparently Ainsley inherited our bad teeth!
Overall A did great and loved the treasure chest at the end. They gave her a Baggie with floss and a tooth brush and she FILLED that bag up with toys....Ryan had to explain you only pick one!! 

Monday, December 29

Driving home day 1!

Sunday morning we left my dad's house in Central IL and headed back home to TX. We had planned to take the southern route, but due to ice we had to change our plans! We loved seeing this familiar site!
Lunch break!
Arrived in Tulsa, OK at dinner time and we had a hard time finding a restraunt and a hotel...but Ains was enjoying seeing snow for the first time this season!
After a late dinner we checked into the hotel. Ains did not eat dinner because she was SO excited about swimming. She told everyone in the restraunt that she was NOT hungry!
Time to swim!
We were about to put A in bed around 10 pm and she said she was now SO hungry! We called down to the bistro and ordered a pizza! She ate three pieces!!!
And slept in until 8:15 am :)!

Sunday, December 28

Fun on the farm

We spent the past few days at my dad's house. It was a fun, relaxing time. Friday morning A helped Papa Bob make cinnamon rolls!
Headed to the barn for fun!

Vicki came over just in time to open presents!

Saturday fun-sugar cookies!
A picked out these three colors!
Ryan and I took a drive!

Saturday night we surprised my dad with an ice cream cake to ring in the new year! Last year at this time he was recovering from his second open heart surgery...this year thankfully he is feeling stronger!
A enjoyed the cake too!

Thursday, December 25

Merry Christmas!

We had a good Christmas visiting Ryan's family in IL! Ryan's parents worked hard to decorate the girl's play house!
Christmas Eve we had dinner at Grandma Cohenour's house!
Christmas morning fun! Ains fell asleep at 12:15 AM (finally) she was SO excited about Santa and didn't want to miss him!
Visiting Great Grandma Cobb!
Ryan dressed up for the day!
Linda, Larry & Della
Grammie and her girls!
Tim and Jenny fixed a great lunch and then we opened presents!

A fun Christmas!

Wednesday, December 24

Christmas with the Cohenours-part 2

Ains loves to clean! She was helping out around the house!
Breakfast with Della!
Ryan & Linda
Ainsley shared her bow!

We went to the church to try to get some cute pictures and these two were not happy about that!

Nope-not one smile!!

This is the church were Ryan and I got married almost 14 years ago! 
Ains added snow to her house!
And feel asleep after a fun day of playing!

Tuesday, December 23

Fun with The Cohenours-part 1

We arrived in Ryan's hometown Sunday night and went out to dinner! Ainsley was SO excited to see her Grandparents!!

And her cousin Della!! Sweet Della wasn't as excited as Ains :)!

Ainsley has been insisting on calling Della her sister!

Ainsley's playhouse all decked out for Christmas!

Opening a plasma car early :)!

Linda with her girls!

Hugs for Great Grandma Della!
Ains and cousin Michelle!