Sunday, September 27


This weekend has been an extension of the work week--Ryan and I both worked at a student leadership retreat yesterday and today I am working this afternoon/early evening to get my new tutors trained and an hosting a mid-term review session! Tis the season of mid-terms!

Here are a few pictures from this weekend!

Went shopping at Wal-Mart yesterday---we got some healthy apples and some yummy ones!

The Iowa Hawkeyes beat Penn State last night (two years in a row)! We were not expected to win--but they played really well and beat a top team! Here is me in my new Iowa jersey!

At Wal-Mart last night, I noticed they already had my favorite tea out!! I realize it is not anywhere close to Christmas, but I LOVE this tea!

Made biscuits and gravy for breakfast this morning! I just made it from the package and didn't add sausauge--it was still really good and a little healthier!

Thought I should add some healthy options to breakfast, so I cut up some fruit!

Happy Sunday!

Sunday, September 20

Iowa Wedding

We traveled this weekend to a wedding of some good friends of ours Kevin & Sarah. On the drive down we stopped at the new Iowa Speedway--it was huge! We enjoy watching nascar on tv--and when we stopped by the speedway one car was practicing for time trials--and it was SO loud! Don't know if I could stand the loud noise in person :)!

The speedway at a distance!

We stopped by the gift shop on site.

The grandstand!

We stopped to get gas in Newton, IA and I joked to Ryan that I saw the largest window cleaner and he used it and said it was GREAT and worked well! I of course then need to document the event!

Friday night we attended the rehearsal and dinner--Ryan was an usher!
Kevin & Sarah--the happy couple! Sarah's dress was so cute!

Me & Ryan after the ceremony! He was resting his feet after all of the ushering he did!

As the wedding party was taking photos--we snuck in some photos too!

Congrats Sarah & Kevin!! They had such a beautiful ceremony!

We were so lucky to see so many good friends at the wedding! Ryan with Jacob & Ashley (who are newlyweds too--just got married in June) and Joe & Jessica--CSP alums from WIU!

Me & Julia--we worked together at WIU and she is now at New Hampshier! She had a long journey to travel to the wedding, but I was so excited she was there!

Me & Stephanie--also worked together at WIU! She always keeps me laughing--it was great to see her!!

They had cupcakes instead of cake-what a great idea! I took this photo at the end of the night (should have taken it before everyone dug into them :)!

Well--I'm off to softball practice and then game tonight!

Saturday, September 12

Weekend Re-cap!

This is a photo from last weekend. Ryan and I went to Texas Road House on Labor Day--and they had their mascot visiting with families during dinner and taking photos. I wanted to take my picture with him, but felt a little old. I did wave wildly in his direction and he came over so Ryan could snap a picture! Andy the Armadillo!

Friday night we went to a local lake to walk--it is about 10 miles outside of town. The country drive was beautiful...lots of corn.

Me in the truck on the drive to the lake. Notice I'm still in my work polo--we can wear jeans on Friday if we wear Hawkeye shirts!

Ryan and me at the lake--you may be wondering what is wrong with Ryan's right eye....he got elbowed during a game of basketball on Friday. He has a huge black eye today--thank goodness for his glasses, which hide it!

The lake--beautiful, but lots of bugs!! We only walked for 15 minutes before we were back in the truck! We decided to walk around the mall instead and target! Less bugs!

At Target, I got the new Nicholas Sparks book--can't wait to read it!

Today (Saturday) we cleaned the house, did some laundry and then went to Caribou Coffee to grade papers! We drank iced tea and both graded for 1-2 hours. We then went to buy me a new baseball glove--I somehow got roped into playing on the office team this fall season. I didn't want to play, because they are pretty competitive and there are normally injuries. But, they needed women to play on the co-ed team, so wish me luck. We have two games tomorrow at 7 and 8pm. So tonight Ryan helped me practice.

Here is me smiling looking like I am having a good time--10 minutes earlier, I dove for a ground ball and scraped up my hand/elbow. Not a good start to the season!

Ready for a grounder!

After softball practice, we went to Sonic. They have these small deserts for just $1! Cheap and it hits the spot without too many calories!

We then went grocery shopping and they had a great sale on canned goods. I stocked up and am ready to make many soups this fall!

Friday, September 11

Salsa, Happy Birthday & Books!

Today I had the privilege of starting my day at working taking some of the students in my class to a local organization that works with kids and families to strengthen their community. We did a school supply drive and some of our students made these great book marks to encourage students to read! The center loved receiving these school supplies and bookmarks!

Today is Peg's birthday. Peg is an amazing woman--she has been working at Iowa for many years, loves her football and loves the snuggy the office got for her today. Here is Peg in her snuggy!

Last night Ryan and I got hungry for some salsa--normally we would go to Carlos o Kellys, but we decided to make it at home. We chopped up onion, cilantro, tomatoes, and hot peppers, added salt and lime to taste. It was delish!

Aren't these bowls cute--I found them at a kitchen store for only $1 each!

Happy Weekend!

Monday, September 7

Wedding and fall treats (apples & Chili)

Yesterday we went to Heather & Dan's wedding. It was a beautiful wedding. I forgot my camera :(, but was able to get a couple of pictures on my phone. Thankfully our friends took lots of pictures.

The happy couple--congrats Heather & Dan! Our table was right next to the cake table!

The beautiful center pieces!

Today I got these glass jars at Wal-Mart for some fall treats! I love candy corn and peanuts together!

Ryan made an apple cobbler this afternoon. It is in the oven, but here is a picture of the beautiful apples I bought this afternoon--these are a great snack to take to work!

While Ryan was making the cobler, I made Chili--my dad's great receipe!

Containers for our chili! I like to transfer soup to smaller bowls, makes it easier to grab in the morning and take to work or throw it in a stew pot when we get home and supper is ready!