Tuesday, May 31


Sunday we did the children's church check-in and A was our helper! She was not feeling so hot and fussy in the nursery so we kept her with us. We let her down to play in between the services--she is on the right here making a mad dash for the other baby doing laps in the hallway!

Here new watermelon outfit! I think she is going to love summer!

Sunday, May 29


Ainsley's new favorite is watching Veggie Tales with her daddy. Ainsley has been sick with a cold this weekend--so she's been napping a lot, hopefully she is on the mend now!

We went to the Amana colonies for lunch and some shopping!

I mowed the lawn for exercize it was fun because it instantly looked better!

Thursday, May 26

Summer Treat

This week Ryan and I tried the new lemonade/strawberry slushy at McDonalds--it was a really good summer treat!

Here is our little miss--she is such a character these days! She always keeps us laughing!

Tuesday, May 24


Today we took Ainsley to be fitted for her helmet. It was an interesting process--A did amazing! She was so curious and got to know the tech who took her measurements very well--Kris! We learned during the fitting today that she could need to wear the helmet from 4 months to 1 year just depending on how she responds. We will have the helmet within a week or so. The whole process took 2 hours--and Ainsley was a trooper! We learned today at the end of the process that our insurance doesn't cover kids helmets :(, but we decided that it was best for A to have it especially after seeing her head on the digital image.

BBQ continued...

The last post wouldn't let me edit it--so some of my captions are off :(, here are some more pictures. I'm sorry we didn't get everyone picture at the party--I would love to share something about everyone that has been a huge help to us this past year.

The Baccei family--Mark, Amy and Andy. They were a tremendous help to us back in October--they watched Ainsley overnight when she was just 5 days old when I went back in the hospital and the grandparents were on their way back to Iowa City. They were so kind to help us!! We heart the Baccei family!

The Sexton family--Nicole, Jon & Graham. They were a HUGE help when we moved! We were so thankful for their help! Aren't they such a cute family?

In the end--the weather cleared up, we had a great time visiting and the cheesy potatoes made it in the crock pot!


Ryan and I had a BBQ for our friends Sunday night to thank them for all of their support this past year--bringing cards and meals after A was born, helping us move into our home...we are very thankful for these people! We had around 30 people over--many kiddos too! It made for a fun night!

A quick note that 3 hours before the BBQ we had a tornado warning! A and I were in the basement taking cover and all I could think of was (1) I'm terrified and (2) my cooking schedule was all thrown off for the BBQ. I had to get my cheesy potatoes in the crock pot. We were very lucky that we didn't have a tornado--we are praying for folks in Joplin, MO--the minister that married Ryan and I lives there (he is safe thankfully).

Ainsley loved being with the other kids--here she is getting to know Sam!

Sam's mom (Erin) has been a HUGE help to Ryan and I! Erin and her hubby (Greg) are so helpful in answering our questions--she even did a "house call" when Ainsley was really sick this winter!

The kiddos playing!

Graham & his mom Nicole! Isn't he a cutie!

Cheri and Parker! I love reading Cheri's blog (Rookie Iowa Mom--link on the right)! Parker is just the happiest baby!

Friday, May 20

Moving forward

We got a new computer this week at home and I'm not used to a Mac--so I don't know how to copy and paste--so this post is a bit out of order...bare with me :)!

Today Ainsley and I spent the afternoon at the hospital for her two doctors apts: physical therapy and the hearing aid clinic. Here is Ainsley before her PT apt. We brought her Physical Therapist, Shannon, a little gift. I stopped by to see Shannon yesterday to schedule an appointment for the end of May to check Ainsley's head one last time and she said, we need to see her tomorrow due to getting her fitted for a head band if she needed. Shannon's only opening was her lunch time--she graciously saw Ainsley over her lunch hour--so we brought Shannon some Paula Dean goodies (they have these at Wal-Mart now).

We learned that Ainsley's head is improving--but she is still failing in 2 of the 4 quadrants--so Shannon recommended a head "band". We will find out early next week what the next steps are to getting her fitted asap so we can begin the process of reshaping Ainsley's head. Shannon estimated she would need to wear it for 4 months. Ryan and I are both very thankful tonight for good health care and insurance...and we are so thankful we live so close to a great medical hospital! We are going to keep moving forward and start this next process for our little A. She is a trooper and such a happy, joyful baby. We thank God for her everyday.

Our sweet pea!

We went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner tonight (no Ryan didn't let Ainsley try a wing, thank goodness--someday)!

In between Ainsley's doctor's apts we had 45 minutes so we went to the first floor lounge in the hospital and people watched. Ainsley loves to just watch other people--especially kids!

Ainsley was super tired after both of her doctor's apts today--she took a little nap on the drive home!

Ainsley getting fitted for a new ear bud for her hearing aid--she is sleeping peacefully! Thanks to Dr. Shea for taking the photo of Ainsley--I was trying to hold her still for 5 min so the impression would take :)! She is such a good sleeper!

Thursday, May 19


Ryan's parents were able to visit us recently--Ainsley loves her Gramme!

And her dad!

I think they look alike here!

Wednesday, May 18

Congrats Grads!

I was able to help with graduation this year--it was fun to see the graduates and help them line up for their big day!

Before--very early in the morning!

After--grads are all seated and ready to go!

Tuesday, May 17

Sweet & Sour

So Sweet!

And she loves sour lemons! Don't know why, but she loves lemons--don't worry we just let her have a taste every now and then!

Monday, May 16


Ryan's brother (Tim) and his wife (Jenny) entered the ugliest kitchen contest last fall and WON! They were featured in the paper this weekend along with their finished product--a BEAUTIFUL kitchen! They put in a LOT of hard work and time to make this happen! It looks great Tim & Jenny--we can't wait to see it in person!


Friday, May 13


We're thankful we have some things to celebrate--
A new book from cousin Ava--with Ava's voice telling the story. Ainsley loves this Ava--thank you! I love the way you say "bucket" in the story--you sound like such a New York girl!

Mother's Day 2011--I am in love with this little girl!

Someday when A gets older--she probably won't let me kiss her as much, so I'll have to give her extra kisses when she is little!

Tonight I was honored to attend the Honors Commendation for Yihan Sun. I've known Yihan for the past three years and she is a remarkable young women--so bright, kind and has an exciting future ahead. She will begin pharmacy school this fall!

Yihan had some special guests to celebrate with her at the ceremony--her best friend and her biology professor.

Yihan receiving her honor cords.

Happy Weekend!

Tuesday, May 10

Hot, hot, hot

Last night it was so hot we turned on our AC and then went to get a shaved ice!

Ainsley on our walk last night--she didn't let go of her lady bug the whole way (Ryan calls this lady gaga--that will probably be Ainsley's first words, oh my)!

I tried a new flavor last night--Georgia Peach (peach and strawberry)--very good! We got a punch card--buy 9 get your 10th free! So I'm sure we'll be back there soon!

Monday, May 9

Mother's Day 2011

Mother’s Day took on new meaning this year—remembering my mom and how special she was to us and celebrating the gift of Ainsley! My sister and I shared stories that we love about mom via email--it was a fun way to remember mom. Angie shared this--which I totally agree with "I think the best gift mom gave us was the gift of unconditional love and acceptance. I have never ever doubted for a second that Mom loved us and supported us in all of our decisions 100%".

I know my mom would be thrilled with who Ainsley is--so happy, loving, and a little dare devil (she is on the move now and into everything)! I find myself loving Ainsley more and more every day!

The other night I went to check on her in her crib (I only do this 10 times a night before I go to bed :), and she had her little feet crossed and looked so cute and I whispered to her, “You are my favorite person in the whole world”! Those words came out of my mouth before I could even think, but it is SO true. I love our Ainsley! God has blessed us with such a sweet baby girl.

Mother’s day lunch! This beautiful dress (I'll have to post a full picture of it) is from Gramme Linda! Thanks Linda--A looked SO cute yesterday!

On a walk—with her sun hat (she loves her hat)!

Ryan was able to talk with his mom and grandmas yesterday to wish them a happy mother's day! We are so blessed to have them in our lives--they are all such loving, caring and strong women! I wished we lived closer to celebrate with them in person!

Wednesday, May 4

Bye, bye socks!

A warm up is finally on its way to Iowa! Which A will be thrilled about, she doesn't like wearing socks these days! I just love her little feet!