Friday, August 31

Ones Graduation!

Today was Ainsley's last day in the Ones room...she transitions to the Twos on Tuesday!  The Ones room has an owl theme--the dress up the owls for each season, so cute!

Ainsley and her friend Bobby--he is transitioning with Ains on Tuesday! 
Ainsley and some of her teachers!  These ladies are wonderful with Ainsley!  Her report card today said, "Ainsley had a great last day in the ones!  She was in a cheerful mood.  We are so sad to see her move on to the twos, but we are super proud of her!  We will miss her tons and tons :).
A special snack after her last day in the ones.  She is growing up far to fast!
After school we went to the mall for Family Fun Night!  Ainsley was trying to offer George Washington a snack!
We have a Children's Museum in our mall and we had never been and tonight it was free!  Ainsley loved shopping! 

This was Ainsley when we first went in the store--there were kids running everywhere!  She soon settled in and had lots of fun! 

These are a little out of order, Ainsley at Sheels sitting in a tent!
More snack time with our first president!
Back to the Children's Museum!

Ainsley loved to sweep!  Just like her mamma!  Ryan said a little girl tried to take Ainsley's broom and she guarded it with her life!  She loves cleaning--we'll have to work on that sharing!

Ainsley LOVED the train room!  She was the only girl in the room when we were there--she loved the tunnel!

The museum was a GREAT workout for Ainsley.  Lots of climbing and running!

Ainsley had a great time and we did too!  

Thursday, August 30

BBQ & Dress up

Tonight we took Ainsley out for BBQ!  
Look at all of those teeth! 
Tonight Ains played dress up with my glasses and Ryan's hat!

Wednesday, August 29

Grandparent Visit!

We had a long Friday night!  Ainsley went to sleep in her crib great around 8 pm, 12 midnight she was jumping on her changing table--up until 3 am.  3 am, we took the crib a part hoping to make the changing table a separate item...that left the crib with only three sides!  We didn't know whether to laugh or cry.  3:30 am we introduced Ainsley to her big girl bed in desperation trying to get her to sleep.  Of course she was thrilled with her new bed--more jumping on the bed.  4 am Ryan suggests a car ride to put her to sleep.  After 10 minutes Ainsley was fast asleep in the car--Ryan and I swung by McDonalds we were starving at this time!  4:30 am back home and all in bed--Ainsley wakes up at 5:30 am ready for the day!  

Thankfully Ryan's parents were on their way for a weekend visit!  The timing couldn't have been better!  They arrived around 9 am, swooped in to love on Ainsley so we could catch up on sleep.  These two are a breath of fresh air!  This picture does not do the weekend justice--Ainsley LOVES her Grammie and Papa Larry--but she also loves to walk and not be carried these days.  So this was Ainsley on the go, clamoring to get running.  She had a special day on Saturday with her Grammie & Papa Larry.  They walked at the mall, rode the horses and ate some sweets I'm sure :)!  Thanks again Larry and Linda for loving on our sweet Ainsley and taking care of us too while we caught up on sleep.  Next time, I will take many more pictures when I'm not so sleep deprived! 
Ainsley is adjusting to her big girl bed, but thankfully back to sleeping better.
Ryan and I went out for lunch on Tuesday.  He chose the lunch place and I chose dessert.  There is a new cupcake place in town.  You can get a mini cupcake (the perfect size) and there was a sprinkle station--how fun is that!
Tonight I had a student dinner for work, so A & R went out on a date night and I joined them when I was all done with work.  These two are keepers!

Friday, August 24

Little monkey

Thursday night I went to check on Ainsley after I put her to sleep and found her fast asleep on her changing table!!  She is a little monkey these days!
Today Ainsley's daycare was closed for a teacher in-service so Ryan stayed home with Ainsley while I went to work.  They spent the morning on campus.  Ainsley rode the campus bus (or "but" as she calls it)!  They took a rest on the quad.  Ainsley noticed that other college students were laying down on the grass, so she had to as well!  I met them on the quad and then had lunch with then.  They had a fun day.

Tonight we went to look for a twin bed and dresser for Ainsley.  We got to the store and they didn't have the white bedroom set we were looking for...and then we also realized it wouldn't fit in our car anyway, so we decided to stick with the toddler bed we found a few weeks ago for the time being.  Ryan's parents wanted to get Ainsley a toddler bed for her birthday--thanks Grammie Cohenour & Papa Larry!

 Ryan caught up on his Nascar while putting Ainsley's bed together.  She will be thrilled to sleep in it tomorrow.  Tonight she is in her crib, and I've put a LOT of things on her changing table, so I'll hear her throwing things off before she climbs up there so I can come to the rescue before she breaks a limb!  Never a dull moment around here!