Monday, September 30

She's home!

Ainsley had the best time visiting Papa Bob & Vicki last week!

She also got to see Grammie & Papa Larry on Saturday--which made her heart happy!

We spend Saturday night and most of Sunday at home so Ains could settle back in to being back at home!

She is just like me...she had to open her birthday present a little early.  Thanks Vicki for the horses and adorable card!

Saturday night she insisted on wearing her owl costume to bed (over her pj's).  She was yelling "mommy" about 15 minutes after she went to bed because she tried to put jammies on her owl and ended up like this!  Never a dull moment!

Ains has been toe walking a lot lately so we were trying to encourage her to walk on her heel and roll her foot and this is how she was walking...we are going to call her physical therapist and in the meantime we are going to encourage her to walk as she wants :)!

Sunday afternoon it was beautiful so we went for a nature hike!

Oh my!  She was giggling a second later, she just wants us to know she has an "angry" face!

Welcome home sweet girl!

Friday, September 27

New House!

We are SO excited to see our sweet girl tomorrow.  A BIG thanks to dad and Vicki for taking such good care of Ains this week!  From the daily pictures I get it looks like she is having TONS of fun!

Vicki signed on her new house today!  Looks like she had some help checking out the new place!

I think Ainsley is going to like trying out the pool next summer!

Freezer Party

Last night we had another freezer party!  Some of you have asked about the coordination of this!  Our fearless leaders (Amber--top picture right and Nicole--bottom picture left) pick the recipes, shop for the group and let us know what meats to bring.  Last night we made 9 dishes (or 18 meals for small families).  We all cook our own meats at home and bring all of our dishes!  We each have a station and make that meal 9 times--one for each family.  I made cheese tortellini last night.  I'll have to take more detailed pictures of this whole process next time.

We used the church kitchen last night so we had plenty of room.  Anyone who wanted to donate to the church meal program could leave a meal in the freezer--so it was super easy to help out with that great program too!  We got done in record time--we were all packed up by 9 pm!  We started at 6 pm!  Total cost for meats and supplies was only $75 for me this time--for 18 meals that is a GREAT deal!  It is also a ton of fun to catch up with these ladies!  Good food for my family and great conversation!  Can't wait for the next one!

Wednesday, September 25

Fun on the farm-part 2

Ainsley continues to have fun on the farm this week! 

Ainsley, dad and Vicki went back to the Pumpkin Patch today! The popcorn was a big hit!!

We can't wait to see her this weekend!

Monday, September 23

Life on the farm!

From the pictures my dad sent today it looks like she is earning her keep!

Such a big helper!

Sunday, September 22

Back home!

Ryan and I headed back to Iowa today and little miss will be having fun on the farm this week!
She loves helping Papa Bob!

And, she loves the sweet treats Vicki makes for her!
We were so lucky today to meet our new niece!! Jenny went into labor a month early-mom and baby are doing great!
We were driving home and found out the baby was on the way!
Baby girl Cohenour was SO beautiful!!! I can't wait for Ains to meet her! Congrats Tim and Jenny!!