Sunday, August 30


Ainsley's loves these days...
Drawing-she could draw for hours! She loves Disney (notice Mickey in this pic :)!
Being creative! Her teachers said she worked for a long time on giving these babies handmade swimming suits!
Playing with her daddy! Ains loves to do dare devil stunts!
And getting her hair done!

Monday, August 24

New ear bud!

Ainsley has been getting lots of feedback in her left hearing aid due to some gapping and the volume of sound pumping through the L ear. We got her fitted a week ago for a new ear bud. I say we because it took 5 grown women to hold Ains while the doctor got the mold made. It doesn't hurt, just feels funny in your ear.
Today we got the call that her L ear bud was in! She got a pink and purple swirl! She loved it!!

We celebrated with a quick ice cream treat!
And then gymnastics! Ains starts her gymnastics lessons this week!! Fall is in full swing!!

Sunday, August 23

Keeping up

Anyone feel like they are just barely keeping up?  That is how the Cohenour's are feeling this week!  Ainsley finished her first week of school, Ryan had move-in this week and I've had a few very busy weeks at work.  We are feeling like we are doing our best every day to just keep up--tonight I DID go grocery shopping so we will celebrate small victories! 

Ainsley is loving school!  She's in the same class with Ms. Sarah who she loves!

The classroom looks completely different so it feels like a brand new year!  Her teacher did an amazing job setting up each of the areas of the classroom with such care!

Target run!

Breakfast Saturday morning!

Haircut Saturday morning!

I feel like we blinked and we have a young girl--she starts gymnastics this week for the fall semester and speech therapy twice a week starting next week!

We went looking for new fall boots, but didn't get any yet because we couldn't agree on a pair!

Ainsley of course likes the sparkley boots and Ryan wanted her to get something that she could wear with many the meantime she got all dressed up like a cow girl!

This is a public service announcement for parents of littles--we got this fun activity for Ainsley to do at the dollar store.  She loves all things sparkley and I loved the "No mess" promise....Oh MY!  If you see this box at the store, drop it and run in the other direction! 

Ryan prepping the picture for glitter!

Ainsley decorating her face with the glitter since Ryan was taking too long getting all of the stickers off of the picture!

We got two of the 8 colors on the picture!

Ainsley is going to be sparkling for weeks to come!

A good start!  We got this far and then put it back in the box...we told Ainsley it had to "dry" before we did anymore work on it.  Maybe one day when we have a couple of free hours we will finish this up :)! 

Tuesday, August 18

First day of school!

I always decorate for fall before the first day of class! 

Ainsley decorated her room too!
Today Ainsley started school! She was excited to be one of the older kids in her class! We talked with her about being welcoming to the new kids in the class.

Tonight once it cooled off (to about 95 :) we went on a family bike ride!

And Ains helped to water the flowers!
And then tried to get us wet!

Saturday, August 15

Week of field trips!

Ainsley's school was closed this week-we were SO thankful that one of Ainsley's sweet teachers, Ms. Ruth could watch A this week!
Everyday they had a fun new adventure!
One of their adventures was to the Dr. Pepper Museum! They had Dr. Pepper floats! A fun week!
Ains and her kitty!
Test drive!

Monday, August 10

Catch up!

Wow-life has been a bit of a whirl wind lately! 
Ainsley has had so many fun field trips this summer with her school. Ryan's dad and I joined Ains for a field trip to the Dr. Pepper museum!

Taste test!
A little shopping trip!
Fun with her daddy!

Big plane!!
My sweet girl!
A little jumping fun!

Birthday party for a sweet friend!

Ains and I had some special time together last night!
Love this sweet girl!