Sunday, January 31

Sunny Weekend

We tried a new burger place Saturday for lunch!
Ains did a little indoor driving :)!

Bubble run!

Our local Children's Museum is free for the last hour of the day so we stopped by for some fun!

A Texas Longhorn!

Saturday, January 30

Fun with the family

Ryan's parents got A some fun card games!
Thursday night we all went to the Lady Bears Basketball game!
It was a fun week-thankful Larry and Linda made the journey down to see us!

We've had a busy week, so we are thankful the weekend!!
Friday night fun!
Have a fun weekend!

Tuesday, January 26

Sunny weekend

Ainsley and Ryan had a date night Friday night.  Chili's has the balloon man on Friday night, it was a big hit with Ainsley!  She asked for a mermaid!

Larry & Linda arrived this weekend!  We got out and enjoyed the beautiful weather by doing some yard work!

Our little helper!

I LOVE this weather right now!

Sunday afternoon Linda & I went to a new hair boutique--it was fun to try out a new style!  It lasted for a couple of hours :)!

More outdoor fun!

Oh my! 

A fun game of washers in January!

Ains wore her Cinderella dress that Vicki got her! 

She wore practical shoes--so she'll be a comfortable princess today!

This was the welcome activity that Ainsley's wonderful teacher--Ms. Sarah had waiting for the kids when they arrived.  They each had mini graters--Ainsley loved it!  They grated cinnamon and ginger a few days ago!  Fun!

Thursday, January 21

Guitar, cotton candy and dentist!

This week Ryan and Ainsley went to the guitar store! She loved it!
We let Ains pick dinner one night this week-she chose Golden Corral...this is my least favorite place, but Ainsley loved it!
I think this had something to do with her choice! We let her eat part of this :)!
She may have also used the chocolate fountain!
Ains started speech therapy again this week at Baylor! She has a new teacher-Ms. Kasey! This night we were working on her homework!
Ains went to the dentist this week! Busy week!!

Sunday, January 17

Runaway Sugar!

Our Christmas decorations have been sitting in the garage for a few weeks-so today we planned to clean out the garage. Ryan was hauling the boxes up to the attic when all of the sudden Sugar climbed 11 steps up and was in the attic! She quickly ran into a crawl space and was deep in the middle of the house in the attic!
As I told Ains she said (1) call the ambulance and they will take her to jail....(2) 10 minutes into this drama she got board and said "can I watch Netflix", (3) she said I'll get the water spray! Very creative ideas Ains!
Long story short-Ryan had to go into the crawl space to get her...I had to get up in the attic too! We were SO thankful to get Sugar back on the ground! We learned our lesson-Sugar is a CRAZY, daring cat so we'll leave the stairs to the attic closed :)!

Dodgeball Chef

Friday night we went out for dinner to celebrate wrapping up the first week of school!
Saturday morning Ains had a birthday party at the new trampoline park. Ains had fun with her friends as they celebrated her friend Reagan!
Ainsley and her sweet friend Claire!
Ainsley was the last person remaining on her team of dodgeball. The other team would try to get A out, but the couldn't hit her because she kept running around :). She didn't know what was going on in the game this first round, but after several rounds she caught on!
She also used her daddy as a shield!
Saturday night we made the Pioneer Woman's French bread pizza. Ainsley loves helping us cook!
This was the first time she cut tomatoes and she loved it. I gave her a plastic knife that worked pretty well but that was safe :).