Friday, February 27

Resting up

Tuesday night when A was doing her homework she mentioned her throat felt scratchy and asked for some water.
We are still working on her "L"s :).
Thursday morning at 4:30 am she woke up with a high fever, runny nose, ear drainage, sore throat so Ryan took her to the doctor first thing and they diagnosed her with strep. We started antibiotics yesterday. Ains rested yesterday and last night after bath she felt good enough to play princess/prince for a few minutes.

The doctor recommended keeping her home from school until Monday. We have to bribe her to take her she started the day with some frozen fruit snacks and iPad time. We are looking forward to our little miss getting her pep back!

Monday, February 23

Snow day!

It was icey here today so our university closed at 1:15 pm! We picked up Ains and had a movie/popcorn afternoon!
I guess I should not have decorated for spring so soon :)!
Tonight I had a workout buddy!
We had a lot of fun!

Sunday, February 22

Date night with Daddy "Ryan"

I found this in A's playroom late last night! I think she was having a parade :)!
Last night I had a fun night with some girlfriends-dinner and university Sing! 4 hours of students singing/dancing it was amazing!

Ains spent the night with her daddy or as she loving calls him "Ryan"! They went to Toys r Us and then dinner!

The balloon man was at Chilis so A was in heaven!

Friday, February 20


It's been a long week! So we celebrated Friday night with dinner out, ice cream for Ains and lots of time on the playground! Ains loved it!

She also loved waving at cars in the drive through! She got SO excited when her friend Beth and her family drove through to get dinner! 

Fast and Strong

Ains got a new shirt this week! Once she put it on Thursday morning she said it made her "fast and strong"! :)

Ains has had 20+ haircuts, but this was the first time we tried a kids stylist! She loved the jeep!
And the TV! We did some layers and my sister will be happy to know we are growing out Ainsley's bangs. I'll have to do an after picture this weekend :)!

Wednesday, February 18

Broccoli & Eggs

A quick family picture before work one day this week!  Our sweet girl is growing SO fast these days!  The light switches in our house are really high--the person that built our house was really tall...a couple of weeks ago Ainsley could finally reach them!  She was so excited!  Last night she ate SO much for dinner and topped it all off with a LOT of watermelon--looks like the growth spurt continues!

Broccoli!  Ryan and I are trying to eat healthier...we both have cut out soda for the past four weeks and are trying to eat "cleaner".  Little miss got on board this weekend and enjoyed broccoli!  This was her second helping!

Ainsley likes to play music on my phone sometimes on the drive home.  This day she also snapped a couple of pictures!

This past weekend it was 75+ degrees here, so I packed away my snowman decorations and got out the Easter decorations since we are just 40 days from Easter.  Every night after bath this week we do an Easter egg hunt in the livingroom.  Ainsley LOVES doing this! 

Saturday, February 14

Happy Heart Day!

Today is my dad's birthday!! Happy birthday dad!! This week I had to work late a couple of nights so Ains and Ryan had a date night at Golden Corral....they know I don't like it but they do so they lived it up without me :)!
A had to eat a good meal to get her favorite part-dessert!
Getting ready for Valentines Party at school!!

Party time!!

A sweet gifts from one of me coworkers! Ains said "aww she's so sweet"!
Saturday-yard work time!
I went to lunch with a couple of girlfriends! It was so fun! We were then off to the zoo-that's what Ains asked to do on Valentine's! A took this picture of us!

Then dinner at her favorite place-Rosas!
A fun day!