Thursday, October 21

Outing with Ainsley

Our beautiful daughter was born on Oct. 9th and this is the first week we finally feel like we are having some family time together since much of the last few weeks has been spent at the hospital with complications for both me and Ainsley. Hopefully we are both on the mend!

We are trying to take A for walks while it is still nice outside. Here is one of our outings to a new BBQ place in town!

Ainsley has been on a strict eating plan the past few days--needs to eat every few hours to get her weight up! We got a good report at the doctor yesterday, she had gained weight! We go back tomorrow to track more of her progress! Here we are at the doctor--it seems to be our second home these days!

Monday, October 18

Welcome Ainsley!

Well--the Cohenour's are finally all under one roof again! Our precious daughter, Ainsley Allison Cohenour, was born on October 9th! Two days after we were released from the hospital after her birth I ended up back in the hospital for four days with two separate pregnancy complications and needed surgery and monitoring for high blood pressure. I am happy to say we are all home now and enjoying time together!

Here are some pictures of our little girl!

Our first family trip to DQ--we went last Tuesday night!

Leaving the hospital with dad!

Some of the student leaders that we work with got Ainsley a highchair--so we took this photo to thank them!

One of her favorite activities--sleeping!

Here she is dressed up for one of our outings!

Ainsley with Ryan's parents--Linda & Larry. They were a huge help for us when I had to be hospitalized again. They came up right away to take care of our baby girl.

We are so thankful for her!

Sunday, October 10

Introducing Ainsley Allison

Hi! This is Angie, Michelle's sister. Michelle asked me to update her blog because she and Ryan are at the hospital! Michelle had baby Ainsley yesterday!! Michelle was in labor for 40 hours! She was a trooper and baby Ainsley was FINALLY born at 12:37am on October 9. She wanted me to put up a few pictures of baby Ainsley. She is SO cute! These were taken with Michelle's iphone. I am sure in the days and weeks ahead she will be posting a ton of pictures but here are a few for now.

Ainsley Allison weighed 7 lbs and 9 ounces and was born at 12:37 am on October 9

Michelle, Ryan and Ainsley will be coming home from the hospital tomorrow! I talked to Michelle tonight and they are ready to come home! When they get home and get settled Michelle will update with more pictures.