Wednesday, February 27

Museum fun!

This weekend we took our little miss to the Children's Museum--she love it!

Driving the ambulance with her daddy.

Next stop to visit all of the "animals" at Sheels.  Ainsley always has to ride in the fishing boat!

Ainsley golfed for the first time and did well!

Learning from her daddy!

Saturday, February 23

Oranges & Hats

We had a fun day today!
Oranges make everything better!
Little miss tried on some hats at the mall tonight!

Happy Weekend!

Friday, February 22

Ice cream x2!

Thursday night after work we stopped by Steak n Shake for dinner.  Ains was thrilled to get her own shake after dinner!
Today we took Ainsley for her appointment with the Genetic doctor.  A couple of Ainsley's specialist doctors recommend an appointment with a Genetic doctor since she has a few conditions that are across different systems--thyroid, hearing, low tone, etc.  The child life specialists at the hospital are great--they brought Ainsley some toys to play with!

We were at the hospital for about 3 hours total for the appointment--so we were thankful for the toys!
They had fish hanging from the ceiling that Ainsley liked to play with!  The two genetic doctors we met with today were great--they were more thorough than we had expected.  They explained that their job was to look at the big picture and connect the dots--"kind of like that doctor show House" the doctor said (although he had never seen it). I had to laugh because it felt just like House.  They took Ainsley's picture because they conference every Friday--so next Friday they will present Ainsley's case to the Genetics doctors and all four of them will discuss the findings to make sure they are thinking of all possibilities.  We'll be saying some prayers next Friday that when it is Ainsley's turn for her review they take extra time and care to see our sweet girl as a precious gift and not just another "case".
They did a full exam and said Ainsley looked great!  They ordered 5 blood tests (which we got done today) and we decided to move forward with the genetic testing (we should find out those results in 6-8 weeks).  They also wanted to do an EKG of her heart and an ultrasound of her kidneys--since she has some hearing loss they want to rule out any concerns with the heart or kidneys since those organs develop at the same time in the womb as the hearing.  
We were able to get all of the blood work and the EKG done today.  The ultrasound will be on Wednesday, March 6.  
Ainsley had to give a lot of blood today--so Ryan went to get her a cookie and juice while I took her to give blood and the EKG.  It was a good plan--because she went from mad to happy as soon as she got a little chocolate in her! 
We took Ainsley home to nap and then out for a nice dinner--she was eating lemons here.  They were really sour, so she was making some funny faces!
I took this picture today before we got on the elevators.  Ainsley always says "woow" when she rides the elevator.  She thinks they are so fun!
We finished the night with more ice cream (I know two ice creams in two days)!  I have a firm believe that if you have to have lots of tests, you get to eat whatever sounds good to you for the day.  So baby girl lived it up tonight!  

Wednesday, February 20

Week in review!

Last week my dad and Vicki came to visit while Ryan was in Colorado.   My dad's birthday is on Valentine's Day--so we headed out to dinner for pizza!  Happy Birthday Dad!  Here are some other random pictures from last week!
Ainsley liked having Papa & Vicki visit!
This is how I found Ainsley one night last week when I went in to check on her.   I do not know where she gets her height from! 
Ainsley and Ryan went to Costco on Sunday afternoon and he texted me two pictures saying "we are going to be here a while".  Ainsley got in this play house and she didn't have any intention of leaving!  She is peaking out the window! 
Ainsley's been "reading" on the way to school recently :)!
Another house picture :)!
Ainsley and Ryan snuggled up watching a movie this weekend! 
I got a new yoga video recently and Ainsley did the video with me one night.  During the warm up breathing activity--Ainsley had a hard time "centering"--she wanted to keep her eyes open!  Ha!
I was watching The Pioneer Women on The Food Network the other day and Ainsley immediately went to her kitchen to "cook".
Reading to her baby!
Ainsley learned to sign "I love you".  Melts my heart when she signs it to us!  When she was saying bye to my dad on Friday, she said and signed "I love you Papa"--she is too sweet!
Tomorrow we are getting 5+ inches of snow!   
Ainsley LOVES Llama Llama books--we read them every night!
Ainsley before school today!
Ainsley loves to watch the tvs at Costco!  This was the movie "Up".  Have a great week!

Sunday, February 10

Great results!

We got GREAT news late this week--Ainsley's MRI of her brain was perfect!!   We are SO thankful for that great news!  What a BIG relief!  Here are some random pictures from this week.  We went to Costco earlier this week--Ainsley had fun checking out this comfy chair! 
Ainsley wanted to drive this tractor just like Papa Bob's at the mall!

The one night we didn't have heat we had a slumber party in our room.  Ainsley thought it was the BEST night ever!  We brought in her mattress to our room and watched movies!  Thankfully they fixed our heater the next day!
Friday night we took Ainlsey to a BBQ place to celebrate the good news of her MRI.  They had country music and Ainsley loved it! 
Ainsley in her new minnie mouse jacket from Papa Bob.  Dad and Vicki went to disney in mid-January and had a great time! 
Ainsley has recently discovered pancakes--she LOVES them!
Working on her computer from Grammie & Papa Larry before breakfast! 
Our hearts are so much lighter this week since we can rest easy knowing our sweet girl is doing well!