Saturday, April 18

Weekend fun

This has been a crazy week--both Ryan and I worked full days and then had work events most evenings this week. So Friday night, we went to dinner at Outback Steakhouse and then walked around the mall. I got some new perfume because I was completely out. My perfume normally lasts a couple of years, so this time I invested in Burberry perfume and I just love it.

Today I am cleaning our house, grading papers, catching up on laundry and just finished Season 1 of Friday Night Lights while cleaning this morning--I love this series because it is based in a small Texas town and it has a lot of heart.

Ryan is working with a church building team at a Habitat for Humanity work site today. He was excited to build with them today--despite the fact that he couldn't find his favorite building hammer this morning when he was looking bright and early.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 16

Family visit & and Boxes/Walls

This past weekend Ryan’s parents (Larry & Linda Cohenour) came to visit us for the Easter weekend. We had a fun visit—on Saturday we walked down town to visit the university bookstore and then dropped by to volunteer at Boxes & Walls—which is a diversity initiative at Iowa, event held yesterday—April 15th. The programming team that coordinated the event did an exceptional job and yesterday hundreds of students, faculty and staff at Iowa experienced several rooms of information on hate crimes, socioeconomic status and religion. Here the picture about veterans is one example of the information that was provided.

Participants experienced all 10 rooms and then had some time to process what they learned and experienced with a trained facilitator. Ryan was an actor in the event last night and I was a greeter—good times!

Here is a picture of Ryan and his dad trying to figure out the sewing machine for Kate who was making some costumes for the event.

Linda and me after we posted this socioeconomic information—we used a lot of tape!

Friday, April 3

Celebrate, rowers, & cards

At lunch time today, my class from the Leadership college course that I am teaching (wrapping up next week!) went to a local school to host a pizza party for the kindergarten classes they have been reading to the past 3 weeks. The kids had a great time and my students had so much fun reading to the kids. Here are my students with the cards that the kids made them for thank yous! I learned something today--kindergarden kids can EAT! They ate more pizza than we did :).

Working on Easter cards tonight--hard to believe it is just a week away!

Today when I was leaving work, I saw the rowing team practicing--it was a beautiful day today! I took the picture out of my car window--so it is a little hard to see :)!

Today I began teaching a new class for 5 weeks--new RA (Resident Assistant Class). I am co-teaching with a colleague, Shelby, and we have a very talkative class which is great! Have a great weekend!