Saturday, January 31

Saturday Fun

This weekend, my dad and his girlfriend Vicki came to visit us. My dad bought a new truck on Saturday--he found a great deal, and loves his new truck! We had a busy day of truck paperwork, shopping at Wal-Mart, Target, the mall! It was a whirlwind of a day! We tried a new place for lunch--a great BBQ place and we all loved it. It was a great fun atmosphere! Tonight dad made some taco dip for dinner and we are watching a movie 13 going on 30! It has been great to have some company this weekend. Hope you enjoy these photos!

Thursday, January 29


I was surprised at work today with these beautiful flowers from my husband, Ryan. He sent them as an anniversary gift--white tulpis, just like the ones I carried at our wedding! Love them and him! I took this photo on my iphone at work, so it is extremely close and you can't get the whole effect of the flowers, but they were beautiful!

Wednesday, January 28

BBQ, Teaching & 2 miles

Thanks to my sister Angie for encouraging me to start writing again--it has been very busy, but I always enjoy reading her blog--so I thought I'd better get to writing so she has something to read. I can never get my pictures to correspond with the paragraphs that I am writing---so sorry for the confusion :).

BBQ: Ryan and I went to our favorite BBQ place for lunch today (his pick because he was leaving after lunch for a conference for a couple of days). Of course he chose ribs for lunch--this is a photo of him blocking his picture being taken with a rib. Kind of gross, but thought it was cute!

Teaching: I am so excited to be teaching at the university this semester! I teach am teaching a career/leadership course as a part of an academy through the university. I am very lucky to have a class of committed student leaders! The focus of this class is a leader who impacts their community. Next Monday's class will be focused on them identifying a need at the university, the community, or the world and then come up with a soultion to meet the need and act on it. I am so excited to see what they come up with this semester! Here is a photo of the classroom--so pretty with beautiful windows--that will be hard for the students to focus when the spring weather hits...hopefully soon!

2 miles: It has been so cold here, I have had no energy to work out & have been batteling a sinus infection the past two weeks. Now that that has cleared up I am committed to walking 2 miles each day--or exercizing at least 30 minutes to keep the winter blaas at bay! I'll keep you posted on how it goes. Today I did not want to work out. So I put my walk a way the pounds dvd on the computer and watched my tivo'd Oprah at the same time. It was motivating!

Wednesday, January 14

I've Learned

I returned late last night from Illinois where I was caring for my dad who was hospitalized with kidney failure last Wednesday--he was finally released today and is awaiting the results from his kidney biopsy and pending treatment. We are all hoping and praying for little to no kidney damage. It was an exhausting experience for my dad (of course) and for me as I was advocating for his he slept one afternoon in the hospital, I wrote down these things that I have learned from this experience....

*I learned God knows how to brighten any dark day. The photo above is of my dad and the local weather woman! We met a nice family in the hospital who was friends with this local weather woman (Judy)--when they found out my dad and I were fans, she stopped by dad's room to wish him well and wrote a note of good wishes for him. This was a rough day for dad as he was battling though multiple blood tests and awaiting his biopsy. The family we met was so kind and gracious and Judy was such a good sport--dad perked up and smiled for the camera when she came in!

*I learned that God is just a call away--during several rough times while dad was in the hospital--I called on God to bring the nurses by for help, bring sleep to dad's tired body, etc. He always answered the call!

*I learned we are not alone in the health care struggle. As we were waiting on results to find out what caused dad's kidney failure--we met several other people, families that were suffering and struggling with health. We got to experience first hand a family that was struggling and on Medicaid and fighting with the health care system for care. It was extremely hard to watch this family struggle as they fought for care for their dad.

*I learned hospitals are exhausting!

*I learned there are many ups and downs in an illness

*I learned to push for care with the medical staff when needed and kindness goes along way with the staff!

Sunday, January 4

Valentine's Day Decs

So I got in the decorating mood today and got out our Valentine's Day decorations. I also made an anniversary wreath since we will celebrate 8 years of marriage on January 13th (also my big sister's birthday--Angie, I mailed your birthday package yesterday :)!

Hope you enjoy these pictures :)

Under the weather

My Ryan has the flu :(! He has been sick since Thursday night--he is feeling a little better day by day but not back to 100% yet and not really hungry which makes him feel weak. We have been resting a lot and watching a lot of movies (3 yesterday which is a record for us in one day)! I have been taking airborne to stay healthy and disinfecting everything!!! Hopefully he will be back to feeling good soon! Before he got sick, he got new glasses on Wednesday! So cute!

Thursday, January 1

Happy New Year--yoga!

Each year, one of my new years resolutions is normally to be more healthy--more exercise, less diet coke, healthy food choices. This normally lasts just a few days or a couple weeks at most. I am determined to try yet again! I think I fall short of this new years resolution because I try to do too much too fast. So I've decided to take it day by day and try small things that will lead to a more healthy lifestyle. So today, I woke up and did a yoga dvd. This is a new dvd and I love it because you can customize your workout. You select from the menu a warm up, then workout # 1-3, and a cool down. I chose workout #1 and it was definitely a challenge--I realized I am not very flexible! Hopefully that will come with time. I also started the day with water instead of my usual diet coke--but it is approaching 11 am, so I think it is about time for a diet coke!

Hope you have a happy first day of 2009!