Friday, October 30


I've been sick for a week--but finally feeling better! The student group I advise hosts a dinner each month to recognize student leaders and staff members. This month I was thankful to be a part of receiving two of the awards with groups!

This is a picture of our Saturdays in Service team--a group of staff members who plan community service events for students to be engaged in. Our team also won the regional award!

The student coordinator of the group (Nichole) nominated me and my fellow advisor (Ryan) and me for advisor of the month. Ryan won for August and I won for September. She was too kind to think of us!

This was the menu--it was amazing!

The the desert! The students loved this! Me too!!

Saturday, October 17

Apple Orchard

Two blog posts in one day! I am catching up!

This morning I made these save the date cards for our thanksgiving celebration with our family. I am so excited to finally have our family plans worked out for the holiday!

Taking the cards to the post office.

We then headed out to Wilson's Apple Orchard! Look at all of the cars!

We saw this beautiful house and horse barn on the way to the orchard--I love this fence. Reminds me of the fences in Kentucky.

They had a cute gift shop and were making homemade Carmel apples! It took me a good while to realize the lady in curlers was dressed up in a Halloween costume (I just thought she woke up late). Ryan and I are trying to watch our sweets, so we didn't have an apple--but I asked Ryan if he wanted one like 50 times. Thankfully his willpower is strong.

We took a long walk in the orchard--and only saw one apple on the trees! They were picked over.

They had all of the rows of trees labeled.

Ryan saw a red piece of paper tied to a tree and thankfully read it. It was a winning number! It said redeem at the cash register for a prize!!! I was so excited!! I was hoping we won an apple and then we would have to eat it. Turns out we won a small bail of hay (not kidding). I was a little disappointed--but it is cute and makes a nice addition to my scarecrow.

Look at these beautiful leaves! Ryan and me.

They had a pumpkin painting barn!

Fall or Winter?

It is cold here in Iowa! We had snow last weekend!! Here are some random up-dates from the past couple of weeks......brace yourself it is exciting (ha)!

Last weekend Iowa played Michigan--so we went to a tailgate party at our friends house--we brought chili! It was a night game so it was fun to hangout with friends, have a good dinner and then Ryan went to the game and I stayed home and hosted some friends at our house and watched the game in the warm! Notice my small (tiny) stove in the background--and my family wonders why we eat out so much!

Here is me last weekend as we went to run errands--notice the hat and scarf--it was cold!!

I have to remember it is still fall (despite the cold), so here are some of our fall decorations! I got these apples, ect at Michael's last weekend on sale for $2.50 for the whole group!

I love this decoration--I think I bought it when we lived in Macomb, IL.

I took this picture yesterday--isn't this a beautiful tree? I love the changing leaves.

An Iowa pumpkin! We had dinner downtown last night and this was displayed in one of the store windows.

This morning I made some banana bread--I like to add real bananas to the mix!

A few more random photos--here is me with a new flower accessory. I bought this at New York & Company on sale for $2. I think it brings a little life to some old outfits!

I joined a new book club on campus. I am so excited about this--I know only a few of the women in the group, so it will be fun to meet some new people. Here is our first read for November. Sorry the picture is sideways. Ames, IA is only a couple hours from here.

Sunday, October 4

We Won!

We had a softball game tonight and we won 19-5! The team I play on is very serious--so they would probably not put up with me taking pictures while playing...but here is a picture of my new cute cleats--black and pink! I got these after the first game and they help me to run fast :)! I played 2nd base tonight and had fun! We have two more weeks of games (on Sunday) and then playoffs...I like that a quick season 7 weeks :)!

Saturday, October 3

St. Louis Trip

Ryan & I took a road trip to St. Louis Thur-Saturday to see my mom and de-stress (work has been busy)! We had a fun visit with my mom taking her out for some great dinners & on a haunted hayride (which she loved!!)!

Here are a few of the highlights:

Me & My mom--she recently moved into a new apartment and loves it! It is a cute apartment and she has lots of nice neighbors!

Ryan and I stayed in St. Louis since mom's apartment is small. We got a great deal on Travelocity and the hotel we stayed at gave us warm cookies when we checked in!

I read this book on our trip--this same author wrote Tuesdays with Morrie (one of my favorite books)! I only have 75 pages left of this one!

Friday night we took my mom to Eckert's apple barn for dinner--it was great! They also have a great shop where we picked up the cutest apple cookie!

Beautiful mums!

$40 pumpkins!

Ryan the farmer!

Me at Eckerts--I loved this place!

We took mom to the Eckert Fun Farm for a haunted hayride and corn maze! The corn was so tall!

On our drive home today, Ryan and I stopped in Hannibal, MO and went through Mark Twain's cave! We went on a guided tour for an hour and it was so much fun! Lots of twists and turns and we saw one bat--thankfully he was sleeping!

Cave entrance-it was 54 degrees in the cave, it stays that temp year round!

Me in the cave--in my Hawkeye jersey (we won today)!

Cave treasures!

Me smiling in the cave--having fun!

Ryan and Me in the cave!

We are home and unpacked and ready for Sunday--church, dinner at the President's house (more on that tomorrow) and an evening softball game! I'm off to do laundry!