Monday, January 31

Sitting up

Our little miss wanted to sit up today--so we got out some pillows to cushion her a bit and she loved it! She is getting so big!

She is also very into her dolls these days! She was a little sleepy in this picture--she gets all snuggly and warm in her car carrier when we travel and she falls right to sleep--this was on the way to church yesterday.

Thursday, January 27

Early morning

I should NEVER write about how well Ainsley sleeps--because as soon as I do... Last night Ainsley was up for most of the night with a stuffy nose. We kept her in the bathroom as we were getting ready this morning--so she got a nice steam bath for her nose and is feeling much better!

I got A this cute cheer leading outfit--thinking she'd wear it this spring, but our little miss is growing so quickly I sent her to school in the shirt today.

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, January 26


Ainsley has been sleeping SO good lately--she will normally go to bed around 8 pm and then wake up around 5:45 am. Some nights she gets hungry and wakes up for a late night snack around 2 or 3 am. We are SO thankful she is on a routine! Here is a picture of her taking a nap during the day....we apparently forgot to take off her shoes before she took her nap!

Sunday, January 23

Weekend fun

This weekend, Ryan and I went out for a date night Friday-Olive Garden (thanks Ang) and did a little shopping! One of the amazing student leaders, Megan, watched Ainsley. Megan was so cute--she said that she talked a lot to Ainsley and gave her advice :), too cute!

Saturday I did a lot of cleaning around the house. I put Ainsley in the Baby Bjorn and got quite the work out. She loved it--seeing the world from a whole new angle!

Its been so cold, I got Ainsley this cute hat this weekend.

Today was Ainsley's first trip to church--she loved it! Loved looking at everyone and the music!

It was so cold this weekend, so I made some taco soup--with a ranch seasoning packet, it was great and super easy to make!

Friday, January 21

Miss Sleepy

Every morning while Ryan and I are running around getting ready for work (running around like crazy I should add since we are normally running late), we put Ainsley on the boppy pillow on our bed so she can be right there with us. She is normally either giggling or the picture of perfect sleeping peace! Yesterday she was a little sleepy when I took this picture.

Thursday, January 20

Watch out Jane Fonda!

So I bought this headband before Ainsley was born not knowing much about baby headbands at the time. I tried it on her the other day---and it looked like she was ready for her own work out video. I didn't send her to school with the headband--but couldn't resist taking a picture!

Monday, January 10

3 Months!

Our little girl is 3 months old! We took her to the Amana colonies yesterday to celebrate! She has recently found her voice--she coos very LOUD! Some people may interpret it as screaming, but she is just loudly talking to us in her own voice! We find it endearing...others may not! I had to take her to the gift shop a couple of times during lunch because she was "talking" so loudly! I love it!

Sunday, January 9

Settling In

We are settling into our new home--and we even had some visitors this week! Ryan's brother (Tim) and his wife (Jenny) came to visit earlier this week. It was fun to hang out with them and Ainsley loved meeting her aunt and uncle for the first time!

Ainsley is growing so fast! She is smiling more and laughing--which we love! Sometimes we have to make crazy faces (like the one below) to get her to laugh, but it is toally worth it!

Love these cute shoes our friend Lindsay got Ainsley.

Friday, January 7

Sleepy, but so cute!

We did a little shopping last night at the mall and I found the cutest boot cut jeans for Ainsley (who knew they sold boot cut jeans for babies)! Here is her new ruffly shirt (in blue)!! Some people say she wears too much pink :)! She was a little sleepy this morning, but still managed a smile for the camera!

Thursday, January 6

Lunch time hello

Ryan and I are so thankful that our Ainsley is just a few blocks from the university at day care. Today Ryan and I both had separate lunch plans/meetings, but both decided to go see Ainsley at the end of lunch! We love seeing her during the day when we can. She was all smiles when we stopped by today--she couldn't take her eyes off of Ryan. That was the first time he had stopped by to see her over lunch--so she was excited to see him. Here is Ainsley early this morning all dressed and ready for school!

Saturday, January 1


Ainsley is very thankful that she has been able to see her grandparents this holiday season!

Grandpa Bob visited for Christmas!

Grandpa & Grandma Cohenour visited for the New Year! They are currently taking pictures with Ainsley--so more new years pictures to come!

I told Ainsley some stories this Christmas season about her Grandma Rose who was born on Christmas day.

Happy New Year!