Thursday, February 27

Go fast!

There is a hill on campus that we drive daily. With out prompting Ains will put her hands in the air and say "faster daddy"! She's a dare devil!
Tonight we went out for dinner!

My sweet girl!
Ains ordered a Shirley Temple!
And had her first mozzarella stick!

Saturday, February 22

Sweet Talker

We learned at Ainsley's parent/teacher conference this week that Ains has been asking her bus driver for respect tickets!! We thought she was being SO good on the bus to earn these since she got them maybe once a week. We'd let her pick out a toy or get ice cream, sprite, etc. we always made a BIG deal out of the tickets. I'm SO glad Ainsley's teacher clued us in on Ainsley's scheme!! I couldn't stop laughing when she told us-I was shocked and then impressed that Ains sweet talked us all! We are going to have to keep an eye on her ;)!
She rested a lot today and by this evening she was feeling better!

So we went out for dinner!

And then made a trip to Lowes!

Ains said she wanted to sleep at Lowes, but we thought it was best to bring her home!

Resting up

On Wednesday our sweet girl was tossing and turning all night and had a fever. We headed to the doctor and then came home to rest. 

Her poor cheeks were so red-I thought it may have been strep again. The doctor thought it was a viral upper respiratory infection.

We thought A was doing better, but Friday afternoon her fever returned. She went to daycare in the morning and then rode the bus to her pre-k and they called us as soon as she arrived. They said she looked miserable-she was.
Ryan took her home to rest and then back to the doctor. Hopefully this weekend we can rest and get our sweet girl back to feeling better!

Wednesday, February 19

Bells & Bus

Tuesday Ryan and I took Ainsley to her bus stop before lunch. We always love taking her to the bus because she is so happy to go to her pre-school.

Ainsley heard the church bells ring while we were waiting for the bus. She got so excited! This never gets old-we are always super happy when Ains identifies sounds she hears. Makes us thankful for her hearing and hearing aids every time!
She kept pointing to the bells!
It is fun to see all of the joy that Ainsley finds in the simple things of life!

Monday, February 17

Snow Day!

Today Ainsley had a snow day so I went to work in the morning and Ryan worked this afternoon. Since A was home she got her afternoon nap, which she loves! She still loves her binkie when she sleeps-I'm sure she'll give it up before college!
I teach Monday nights so Ainsley and I drove to campus so I could drop off A before class.
Thanks to Grammie Linda for this cute new vest!
Ainsley loves visiting our work-thankfully it was the end of the day so Ains could run around and have some fun in her daddy's office!
And eat some lucky charms!

We got out the St. Patricks day t-shirts! Despite all of the snow, March IS on the way!
These two love to laugh!
I went to teach and they went out for a daddy/daughter date night!

Sunday, February 16

Weekend Re-cap

This was Ainsley making a shopping list Saturday morning-just like her momma!
Ryan's parents came up this weekend! It was fun to see them!
They watched Ains Saturday night and Ryan and I went out for dinner!
Silly girl!
Never a dull moment!