Saturday, February 22

Sweet Talker

We learned at Ainsley's parent/teacher conference this week that Ains has been asking her bus driver for respect tickets!! We thought she was being SO good on the bus to earn these since she got them maybe once a week. We'd let her pick out a toy or get ice cream, sprite, etc. we always made a BIG deal out of the tickets. I'm SO glad Ainsley's teacher clued us in on Ainsley's scheme!! I couldn't stop laughing when she told us-I was shocked and then impressed that Ains sweet talked us all! We are going to have to keep an eye on her ;)!
She rested a lot today and by this evening she was feeling better!

So we went out for dinner!

And then made a trip to Lowes!

Ains said she wanted to sleep at Lowes, but we thought it was best to bring her home!

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