Sunday, February 27


Today at church we had Ainsley's baby dedication. It was a sweet time where we get to introduce Ainsley and the church prays for the parents to love and nurture their little ones! Ainsley did GREAT! She was all smiles! The church gave Ainsley a bible with her name in it!

"For this child I have prayed..." -1 Samuel 1:27

Aunt Angie sent a special card to Ainsley this week--this is what we got for her Ang--thanks so much! We got some fun toys and then spoons and bowls! She is starting cereal and carrots this week!

After church we headed to Red Lobster to celebrate! Here we are back at home--we got Ainsley into some comfy clothes and she took a big nap this afternoon!

Friday, February 25

Family workout--take 1

Last night we went to the local rec center and walked around the track because it was so cold and snowy outside. Ainsley loved being pushed around the track--she slept during most of our workout and Ryan and I got 2 miles of run/walking in! Here is us after our workout--Ainsley was all smiles!

Wednesday, February 23

Sunday, February 20

Weekend Re-Cap

On Saturday morning--we bundled Ainsley up and took a walk--it was so nice outside!

This weekend we had a parent's night out with two other great couples! We went to a hibachi grill (3 Samurai) and then bowling--lots of laughs, and fun!

It turned colder here again--so I made some taco soup! My sister (Angie) wanted the recipe--here it is Ang, it is super easy!

Brown hamburger, 1/2 white onion, and 2 cloves garlic. Then add one packet taco seasoning and 1 cup water--bring to boil.

Add hamburger mixture to crock pot and add 1 can diced tomatoes, 1 can rotel, 1 can beans, and 1 can corn---and a ranch seasoning packet. Cook on high for 3 hours or until warm.

Serve with cheese, sour cream and corn chips! This normally feeds the two of us for 2-3 meals.

Ainsley has been having fun this weekend!

This morning at church we went to a parenting class which explained the Ainsley's baby dedication for next weekend! There will be over 8 babies dedicated next weekend and we are glad Ainsley's grandparents will be in town to celebrate with us. We are in love with this little girl!

Friday, February 18

My little miss

This picture is a little blurry--I took it with my phone this morning. Every morning I try to take a quick picture of Ainsley on my phone--in case I miss her during the day (which I do), I can just take a look at my phone and see her. Today she was dressed from head to toe in purple and by the look of this face, I think she may be getting tired of her daily pictures!

Thursday, February 17

GREAT news...finally!

Tuesday was a long day...after Ainsley's tube surgery in the morning, I went back to the hospital that afternoon to have another CT scan to check on my blood clot and hematoma. As I was driving to the hospital I began thinking, what will I do if the news is bad--more clots, no change, etc. That is what I have been preparing for.

I took this picture of me in the waiting room area as I was drinking the contrast solution (purple--looks like koolaid, but has a totally different taste)! I was thrilled that they gave me hospital pajama bottoms instead of a hospital robe--it is the small things that make me happy!

I hadn't heard from my doctor since the Tuesday test--so again, I just kept taking my meds and was prepared to continue on this course for another 3 months if no change.

Got a call from my doctor this morning and she said very enthusiastically--the blot clot is gone! GONE--not a trace of it left which is amazing! Also, my body reabsorbed the hematoma--which she was thrilled about!!

That more medical alert bracelet or meds (I can stop those today)!! I am going to find a pretty bracelet to replace it and to celebrate this great news!

60 degrees

To celebrate the 60 degree day today--Ainsley is wearing short sleeves to school for the first time! It is tough to get a picture of her these days as she is loving to move! She is feeling great after her tube surgery--we are so thankful for that!

Wednesday, February 16

Monday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hope you all have a great valentine's day! This little miss is off to the doctor this afternoon for her 4 month check up!

Thursday, February 10

Wordless Wednesday...

My sister sometimes does a wordless Wednesday blog--where she just posts pictures of her family with no words. I always love seeing the photos....well, I'm a day late and including words, but here are some recent pictures of Ainsley having fun, hugging her favorite doll and one of her recent favorite books.

Tuesday, February 8

Ainsley's hearing testing--round 1

Our little miss Ainsley has failed 4 newborn hearing tests in one ear. They scheduled her for a sedated ABR test (auditory brain stem response test)--which we had on Monday.

Ryan and I talk to Ainsley all the time--and she responds wonderfully with smiles, giggles, talks back in her own language--so we had no worries about her passing the test with flying colors! Our biggest worry was the fasting she had to do 6 hrs before the test. How do you explain to a crying baby that you can't feed them?

On Monday we woke A up at 2:30 am, feed her a BIG bottle of milk and put her back to bed. We were to check in at the hospital at 9 am and we were SO pleased how happy she was without food! She barely fussed--and when she did we gave her the paci like her doctor recommended.

Here is Ainsley and Ryan in the room waiting for the doctors.

From 9-10 am they did vitals, checked her ear for fluid (came back okay) and explained the sedation. At 10:15 am they gave her the sedation--which she hated! She thought it was milk and soon realized it was not. It thankfully took affect within 10-15 min--the staff was great to help us calm her.

Here is Ainsley sleeping peacefully during the hour long test.

We got to stay with her during the test--and watched her vitals closely!

They monitored her heart rate and breathing during the test.

After the test was done the director of the hearing center came in and shared A has a minor hearing loss in both ears and we would need to have her fitted for hearing aids...hearing aids! We were shocked. It didn't really set in as she was explaining what the process would be and that we needed to get started right away because her speech could be delayed if we didn't have her fitted and all set by 6 months.

As A woke up--they moved us to another room to meet with another doctor who checked Ainsley's ears with a microscope and found fluid on her ears....he immediately changed the plan of action. Which is now--surgery next Tuesday 2/15 to put tubes in her ears and then wait a month and repeat the test. We are hoping the fluid that was on her ears during the test caused her to hear muffled sounds and fail the test.

We are going to stand by our little love and get a plan figured out with the doctors no matter what the outcome. As the director of the hearing center told us you can get sparkley, pink hearing aids which I'm sure Ainsley will love!