Sunday, July 31


Ainsley drew what she wants to do on her IL trip! She's super excited!

Ains has 2 lose teeth! We went to get her a tooth fairy pillow at Spice Village today! They have a map there where you can put where you are from! Ains put her pin on Iowa 💛💛
Ryan and I have been reading "It Starts with Food" and began the whole 30 eating plan today! It is lots of real foods, water, no processed food for 30 days! We went to the farmers market this morning and I made beef stew for dinner!
Ains playing mom!
We've been shopping for a bed for a couple of months and we finally found a great deal this evening! Ains had fun testing the beds with us!

Tuesday, July 26

Super hero week!

It is super hero week at speech camp!!
Ains was super excited!
Ains is in speech camp with two other boys so they were going to have Super hero & Princess week....but no need, girls can be super heroes too!

Ainsley's pre-k classroom built a BIG fort! How fun!

Monday, July 25


Ainsley went with me to a retreat Friday & Saturday! The retreat was for our first generation students beginning their college journey at Baylor-such a fun time! Ainsley got to spend some time with this sweet girl, Kalin! They became fast friends!
They kept busy during the activity time with drawing!
Ainsley got to sleep in the cabins-I got 3-4 hours of sleep...Ains woke up and said "that was the best sleep ever"!! I said, did we have the same experience?!?! Love her optimistic heart!
Ready for fun!
Zip line! A wanted to try this, but I was not ready for her to fly through the air!
We did go canoeing! She loves a good adventure!!
Ainsley loves to perform! She was sing a Taylor Swift song here!
Sweet girls!
Sunday A and I drove to Dallas for an early morning Drs apt. Ryan had to work and couldn't join in the fun. We had a good lunch, did a little shopping and then swam at the hotel!
Someone stayed up till late and was SUPER tired this morning-ha!! Ains is a trooper-it was a busy weekend!

Wednesday, July 20

When did she grow up?!?

Sometimes I look at my Ains and think when did she grow up?!? Our sweet girl is going to Kindergarden soon!
She is counting down the days!!
Ready for a birthday party!
Hobby lobby trip!
A little dress up while I was shopping!

Tonight we went swimming at a friend's home and look what was right by the pool-horses, so beautiful!!

Sunday, July 17

This week

Ains has had more time in the car this week since she has her afternoon speech camp-she loves to draw in the car!!
Dirt dessert! 
Hair cut time!
Friday night we went swimming and the water park had fireworks! So fun! 
We got home at 11 pm Friday and found clothes from a sweet family for Ainsley on our door step-their daughter is several years older than Ains. Ainsley adores their daughter, Emma, and was so excited to try on the clothes Emma gave her!! Here she is with a new hat and her jammies!
Saturday morning Ains and Ryan went with me to help at our day of service for our first generation program!
It was hot, but fun!!
The college students are so sweet with Ainsley! She helped them re-plant strawberry plants!
They let everyone taste the mini tomatoes! Ainsley ate about 10!!
We had lunch with the students and Ains loves talking to the students!! She is going on an overnight retreat with us in late July! She is SO excited!!!

Thursday, July 14

Hot, hot, hot

It is so hot here they started putting a little cactus in our weather!
We got season passes to our local water park (we realized we aren't home pool people-too much to keep track of)! Ainsley thought it was the best place ever!!

Ainsley got ALL dressed up to come with me to a student dinner Sunday night! She loves meeting new people-she was SO tired after swimming but I'm glad she went with me to the dinner!!

Wednesday, July 13

A year later

Ains started speech camp this week at Baylor. The picture on the left is Ainsley at speech camp exactally 1 year ago today! She is growing up!! The picture on the right is today...she picked out her outfit today! Our Iowa girl!

Tuesday, July 12


The Magnolia bakery opened recently! We went and had shiplap cupcakes and they were amazing!! 
I asked Ains to get me those cupcakes for my birthday and she said "no mom I'm getting you a purse"! Ha! No birthday cupcakes for me!
Magnolia Market has added more to their outdoor area!

Ainsley has been so into drawing lately! Give her a pad of paper and a pen and she is happy, happy!
She gets her artistic skills from her dad!