Sunday, July 17

This week

Ains has had more time in the car this week since she has her afternoon speech camp-she loves to draw in the car!!
Dirt dessert! 
Hair cut time!
Friday night we went swimming and the water park had fireworks! So fun! 
We got home at 11 pm Friday and found clothes from a sweet family for Ainsley on our door step-their daughter is several years older than Ains. Ainsley adores their daughter, Emma, and was so excited to try on the clothes Emma gave her!! Here she is with a new hat and her jammies!
Saturday morning Ains and Ryan went with me to help at our day of service for our first generation program!
It was hot, but fun!!
The college students are so sweet with Ainsley! She helped them re-plant strawberry plants!
They let everyone taste the mini tomatoes! Ainsley ate about 10!!
We had lunch with the students and Ains loves talking to the students!! She is going on an overnight retreat with us in late July! She is SO excited!!!

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