Thursday, December 31

Flordia day 1!

This morning we left the house at 3:15 am to head to the airport for an early morning flight to Orlando!
A sweet for the plane! As soon as we get in the air Ains always gets a piece of candy. She loved to fly!
Family fun!
My sister and her sweet son, Brock, landed within minutes of us arriving!
Brock gave Ains a lift!

We made the 1.5 hour trip to Daytona Beach! We'll be here for a couple of days before Disney!!!

Late nap and then dinner!
Present time!!
Dad and Vicki!
How cute is this?? Thanks Angie!!

Saturday, December 26


Merry Christmas! Poor Sugar...Ainsley has been having fun dressing her up!

Last night we curled Ainsley's hair before bed!
She was so excited for Christmas!
A special package from Grammie and Grandpa!
A special Frozen cape-thanks L and L!
We got Ains just a few presents since we leave for Disney soon :)! Ryan and I tried really hard to focus on helping A understand the true meaning of Christmas this year. We did nightly bedtime stories which helped. 
Ryan and I took Ains shopping for each other. She picked out a gum ball machine for her daddy and a mug and scarfs for me-so sweet!

Trying out her new soda shop! 
Christmas lunch! Pretty low key with the three of us! We faced timed our family this morning-even through we are states away it was good to connect!
Ainsley cut our hair :)...pretended to I should say!
A birthday cake for Jesus and my mom who would have been 70 today.
The joys of new toys!!  Hope you had a very Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 24

Cookies for Santa!

Little miss and I made cookies last night! There were SO many ingredients-so I prepared everything and then had A help!
She of course tested as we baked:). She's quick-she did this as a was taking a picture!
We made The Pioneer Woman's monster cookies! We watched the show where Rea was making them and then we got to work!!
Ainsley was so giggly last night!
All done!! This receipe made 50 ish cookies-oh my!!
We all loved them, hope Santa will too!

Tuesday, December 22

Take my daughter to work day!

Ains is off of school this week, so today she was going to have a play date with a friend...but she woke up with a bad cough. So...she spent the day with me! She rested and watched Netflix while I worked.
We met Ryan for lunch at the silos!
There were so many people shopping and having fun!
They have a big green space for the kids to play!
We ate lunch at the food trucks!

It was a fun day with my sweet girl!

President, tea, & gingerbread house

Last Friday night we went to McGregor, TX because one house there has the biggest home light display in Texas! We ate at dinner at a coffee shop in McGregor, TX before we looked at the amazing light display, and look who Ains ran into! The family who owns the restaurant did catering for our former President.
Ains recently discovered she likes hot tea, such a big girl!

Helping me with Saturday breakfast!
Oh my did we do a ton of cleaning and dejunking of the house on Saturday! We took a whole jeep load of things to donate-it is amazing how things accumulate over time...and it's hard to believe how many bows little miss has. This is drawer 1 of least they are in order now :).
We did a little decorating...

And relaxing-Ains had a bad cold Saturday so we did lots of resting in between cleaning :)!
Saturday we had a birthday party and Christmas party-a fun day! We were so proud of A-she did this all by herself for the first time. It took her a loooong time to do the big bounce wall-but she did it and was SO proud of herself! Ryan and I were so thankful!