Saturday, September 29

Pumpkins, pumpkins!

Friday Ainsley's daycare closed a little early due to the Homecoming Parade, so we decided to have a family field trip to a local pumpkin patch, the Amana colonies, and we wrapped up the night with a car show (Ryan's pick)!
Ains loved getting out of school early and hanging out with mom and dad! 

The hay bails were a little wobbly, so I had to hold Ainsley tight!

Taking dad for a ride on the bus! 

This was a nice pumpkin patch, but we didn't stay long.  They make their own honey and have bees close to the store and inside of the store in an inclosed box, so we were always on the look out for bees!
This morning we went to a pumpkin patch in our town, it was only a couple of miles from our house.  The owner offered to take our picture which was so sweet.  Ainsley was ready to get down and explore!

Ainsley was fussy after a few minutes of playing in the corn. We thought it was because she didn't want to get her hand dirty, so we kept saying "its okay", "play", "have fun"!  She kept saying, "OUT".  We got her out and realized she had a little part of a corn cob in her diaper!  Once we took that out, she wanted to go right back in!   

Ainsley loved exploring and playing in the corn!  She looks so serious here!

Happy Fall!

Sunday, September 23

Weekend Re-Cap

Friday night we went out to dinner to celebrate the weekend!
Ainsley loved the bread...well, she really liked the butter that went with the bread!
After dinner we went to the mall and as we were leaving Sheels, we told Ainsley to say good night to the ducks.  She hugged and kissed every single duck!

We promised A a train ride on Friday night, but it was broke.  It was working Saturday night, so we took her on her first mini train ride then!

Today we went to church and then cheered Ryan on during his v-ball game.

Tonight we took some fall pictures! 

Ainsley loves to say "yellow", so she was thrilled when we picked this yellow flower for her!
This was Ainsley smelling the flowers.  She gets really close to the flower and breathes really hard to try to smell them!

Wednesday, September 19

Not so wordless Wednesday!

This weekend, we met Ryan's parents in the Quad Cities to pick up Ainsley and we also went to the zoo!  We were SO thankful that Ainsley was well cared for this past week by Ryan's parents and my dad and Vicki.  We are so lucky to have family who love our little miss to pieces!
Out little monkey at the zoo!

This was SO sweet.  The monkeys loved Ainsley and she loved them!

Thanks to Grammie and PaPa Larry for this cute bike for Ainsley.  She is still learning how to peddle, but she loves to practice!

This Sunday, we cheered for Ryan during his volleyball game!

Trip to the park after the game! 

Ainsley after school on Monday--she was excited to see her friends again!
Tuesday was picture day and Ainsley wore her ladybug outfit! 

My dad said that Ains loved garlic bread at their house.  She gobbled it up at dinner on Tuesday night too.  You were right dad!
Today Ainsley had physical therapy and her developmental check-up at the Center for Disability & Development.  
Ains doesn't have to go back to PT for 3 months!  Which is great news!  They have given us plenty of things to work on with her and the best thing we can do for her low muscle tone is to be active with her, so we are going to keep that up!  She has also almost outgrown her inserts, so we will be on the hunt for some new supportive shoes and inserts in the next month or so!

We were at the CDD for almost 4 hours today--so little miss got into everything :)!

She is growing well!  26.5 lbs and almost 3 feet tall!  We had a good talk with her developmental doctor about all of Ainsley's conditions--hearing, low tone, and thryoid. She thought Ains was improving well with her tone, but still has a wide gait and gripping with her toes.  But all in all a great report!
It seems like we are always uncovering a new concern and today it was eye sight.  Ainsley had a failed test for eye sight.  They told us not to worry, the initial results showed she may have some far sighted problems so we are going to look into that a little more.  
My dad told me about these..they are only selling these at certain stores.  Target had them!  We tried them tonight and they were a hit with everyone!